Secrets of a Concentration Camp Survivor and An Unfaithful Husband

The purpose of Uranus transiting your 12th House is to free yourself of secrets, phobias, neuroses, or any psychological issues that have limited you, by confronting them directly and seeking resolution.
11/25/2013 01:41 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

You may be a prisoner of your own mind and not know it.

But imagine that a powerful force comes into your life to free you of behavior that originated in your unconscious mind, where psychic activity takes place that you're not even aware of.

Your mind contains feelings, thoughts, urges and memories that may be outside your conscious awareness. When the planet Uranus transits your 12th House, it brings liberating energies that give you the potential to become aware of your fears, psychological issues and neuroses, so that you can set yourself free of them. Your intuition assists in you in discovering the truth about secrets you may have repressed, but are now ready to confront.

Like a bolt out of the blue, you experience flashes of insight into the very emotions that may have burdened you in the past such as fear: "I'm afraid when I meet someone new they won't like me," or guilt: "I'm noticing how I manipulate to get my way," or anger: "I see how my impatience causes me to react angrily."

This can be an exciting time when you have the potential to be psychologically and spiritually free. This exhilarating feeling of liberation occurred for a very special client of mine whose fear was that if she told the truth, she would be punished. (Note: To learn where Uranus is in your horoscope - see the end of this article.)

Rose was a young Jewish woman from Poland who as a teenager was taken from her home, along with her family, to a concentration camp. She lived through the horrible experience of the Holocaust, coming to the United States when she was 21. Rose was granted citizenship and has lived here for almost seven decades, all the while being tortured by an irrational phobia that she might still be deported at any time.

Her fear comes alive as she thinks back to the year 1945, when she and her only surviving family member, a younger sister were booked on a ship headed for the freedom of the United States. There was a great deal of confusion that day with thousands of refugees trying to get on the ship headed to New York City. Her sister was booked on the next ship.

As they said, goodbye, Rose panicked as she realized that she'd lost her passport, which meant she wouldn't be allowed to board the ship. Her sister quickly gave her - her passport, since they were close enough in age and appearance to fool the authorities. She assured Rose she would find Rose's passport and use it in place of her own. Rose got on the ship impersonating her sister, and after a long voyage landed at Staten Island, where she looked up at the Statue of Liberty and cried at the freedom it represented to her. At Passport Control, the immigration officer looked carefully at her passport and asked her to raise her right hand and swear that she was Rose Bronsky.

Even though that was 67 years ago, no amount of reassurance by her own children that she was safe and would never be deported was sufficient to motivate her to tell her secret to the U.S. immigration authorities. Even her immigration attorney told her, "Rose, there was so much confusion in those days after the war that your legal entree into the USA would never be contested after this long. Besides, the most important point is that your citizenship and passport are now legal after all these years."

Those reassurances didn't matter to Rose, since her phobia was stronger than her secret. It took Uranus going through her 12th House to give her the courage to confront her fear and finally go to the U.S. Immigration office with her attorney and tell the authorities her story. Once the chief officer understood the circumstances, he gave her complete assurance that she was a full U.S. citizen in good standing. Rose finally felt free at last.

Beware of Surprises That Come from Secrets

Your unconscious mind may protect you from experiences your conscious mind would rather not acknowledge. Perhaps you've had a traumatic experience as a child or an embarrassing moment as an adolescent or an indiscretion during the early years of your marriage that you'd rather not remember. This part of your brain can guard your deepest secrets because you find them too painful and would rather keep them buried. Or, it can cause you to imagine that if you deny or ignore them, they'll go away. But people who have such secrets often pay a high price, unconsciously plagued with feelings of shame, inferiority and low self-esteem that they may not be consciously aware.

Uranus energies attempt to liberate you from your secrets, even by exposing them. If you resist Uranus' energies that demand you face the truth and make a radical change, they may sabotage you by triggering events or consequences that will be disruptive to your life. You may experience psychological upheaval, shock, unexpected outcomes and surprising events that force you to face personal issues that you must address. Often during this transit, if you've kept a hidden secret, the energies of Uranus can cause it to be revealed in an unexpected way.

This happened to a client of mine who had pledged fidelity to his wife, and for many years he had been faithful. However, on a recent business trip he'd cheated for the first time in their 12-year marriage. He was at the hotel bar having a nightcap where he met a very attractive graduate student. After sharing a few drinks with her, one thing led to another and they went up to his hotel room and had sex.

Afterwards, he felt horribly guilty about his infidelity, but he rationalized that being honest about his affair would only hurt his wife's feelings. Unfortunately, for my client, he had Uranus transiting his 12th House, so he wasn't prepared for the shock of his doctor telling him that he'd contracted an STD (sexually transmitted disease). The doctor advised him, for obvious health reasons, to send his wife into the clinic for an examination (and contact the graduate student).

He was forced to make a full, upsetting confession to his wife and face the consequences. In his case, Uranus' influences freed him from having to carry around the guilt of lying and being unfaithful to his wife. This incident also gave him and his wife the opportunity to confront the underlying reasons that led to his infidelity.

The purpose of Uranus transiting your 12th House is to free yourself of secrets, phobias, neuroses, or any psychological issues that have limited you, by confronting them directly and seeking resolution. If your intuition leads you to discover some psychic wound from the past, you now have the opportunity to take advantage of this Uranus transit to liberate yourself once and for all.

If you want to know where your personal transits are -- to see if they are affecting you, go to the Free Transit Calculator and enter your birth date. You may find that the transiting planet, Uranus is affecting your life right now.

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