01/18/2013 06:20 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2013

The Word YES

The word YES is the most powerful prayer you can make. Did you know that the word AMEN (derived from one of the Semitic languages that made its way into the Greek language and eventually many others) actually means "truly" or YES? I want you to feel the power of the word YES and I know once you do, you will want to use it, both for yourself and for the children of the world.

To experience its power, look in the mirror and say the word YES eight times out loud. Once you've completed this, check in with your body.... how do you feel? Then, change to the word on its opposite end, NO. Say NO eight times and see how you feel. Not as good, right? Record this process on your phone, then replay it a few times and feel the difference.

Most of us have grown up in a black and white YES and NO world. It is apparent that the world is looking for grey (perhaps 50 shades of it...) yet I feel we need much more YES in our lives. The more you use it yourself, saying it out loud to Source or inside to yourself, you will begin to feel more alive. In my book Life Magic, I wrote in one of the chapters that sometimes saying NO is saying YES to yourself. I truly believe that if you have not learned to listen to yourself and you are busy pleasing people, you must learn to say YES to yourself and that could involve the word NO. But please, if you use the word NO, immediately say out loud a YES to yourself!

Notice how happy children get when you say YES. This is really important to recognize when you are truly tuned into your own Source. I was at a shopping center recently and entered an elevator with a young mother and her two children. Both children were in a double stroller, a baby in the back and a three-year-old in the front. The older child was screaming bloody murder. She wanted ice cream, she was doing everything she could to get it right now. Apparently, she had already eaten some, but she wanted more. The baby in the back was quietly looking out. The mother was frantic. She wanted to give her more to shut her up because she was embarrassed. She also had an audience growing around her because, though we were in an elevator, everyone on every floor and on the street could hear what was going on, so she wanted to stand her ground. Oh! Having raised three babies close together, I felt her pain! I could see the child was acting out just to get her mom's love. She felt unheard and left out because of the baby. She was getting back at her mom, maybe she had heard NO one too many times. The mother looked at me and I gave her my backseat mothering tools:

1. Hand Mirror
2. Portable Recorder (in this case, my iPhone)

No one (no matter what their age) likes to see or hear themselves behaving poorly. It is a very quick and easy fix to avoid drama and teach little people boundaries and self-awareness. Instead of saying NO multiple times you can say, "Look....listen....," and then YES will be much easier to get to. YES, I love you. YES, I am here for you. YES, you have my attention.

When I placed my mirror in front of the toddler, she looked in the mirror at her face and started laughing. I had recorded her yelling and when I played it back she became very still. It all stopped in a few minutes and she was laughing on the way out. The mother looked calm and they proceeded on their journey. It's not about ice cream unless you make it about ice cream.

Mothers are often so busy doing that they do not take the time to just simply receive their children's love. Take a minute and say YES to yourself and YES to them. Put down the phone, the iPad, the magazine, the broom, etc, and just receive their beautiful pure love. Mothers of the world, it's not all about giving. The cost of giving is receiving. God Bless You, and say YES!