06/26/2013 11:45 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2013

Redefining Tablet Experiences

What do you expect from your digital experiences? Granted, it's a broad question, and I'm sure the answer changes pretty quickly as you use different devices. A fair bet though is that you're looking for your preferences and interests to be taken into account -particularly through services like email, photo-sharing and news, which you use every day. And, correct me if I'm wrong but I would also expect that there is an appetite for an experience that is similar whether you're using it on your PC, smartphone or tablet?

As a nation, let's face it, we're media and technology obsessed -- over half of us use two devices to connect and almost a third of us use three or more devices to get online. Whether it's an iPad, Android or Windows 8 device, those of us with tablets are quickly making them a daily habit device, with their amazing displays, vibrant colors and lifelike images!

It's this development of the tablet as a daily habit that inspired our new Yahoo! Mail apps for iPad and Android tablets. Tablets have changed the way we experience books, photos, movies and more, so why not email, something most of us do every day?

With the tablet being such a high-growth device, we're interested to see how usage is developing, and we recently launched our MediaSenses research which looked at this very phenomenon. It explores how tablets have impacted on the media landscape, and are now providing you with deeper sensory experiences and there were some really interesting finding about how you use tablets:

· Tablet is now a daily habit for 4 in 5 users

· 78% of time spent with a tablet is with the sound ON

· 74% of 16-34s are looking for TV related content on tablet whilst watching TV

· 90% of tablet users watch video content

Extra sensory experience

You've told us that the additional sense that tablets controls is crucial - i.e. TV is sound and vision, radio is sound, print is touch and vision, tablet leverages sight, sound AND vision - giving it a different relationship. Think about how much more engaging your tablet experience is when you can touch, hear and see it.

Browsing's back

We love browsing and this inspired our infinite and customizable newsfeed on the new Yahoo! in the U.S. As you use your tablets, you're browsing more and more on a daily basis, and the new Yahoo! Mail for tablet experience also mirrors this -- there are no folders, no buttons, no tabs, you can easily flip through your mail on a full-screen like a magazine.

Tablet shopping

Your favurite shop is shut, no problem! We're all getting used to being able to shop at any time from any device, and tablets are extending this. The tactile experience of the tablet differentiates it from the desktop and 82 per cent of users have shopped through their device.


The jury is probably still out on the kind of advertising that you would want to see on the tablet, but the ownership of the three senses trend being demonstrated with tablets is potentially key to advertising as well.

Next time you use your tablet think about what makes it so important to you. I bet the extra engagement brought about by the three-sense experience is a real part of why your daily habits are increasingly incorporating this device.