11/07/2014 07:38 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2015

How a 2 day old fake start-up got more tweets than Adrian Grenier

I'm a little obsessed with social media, checking my notifications numerous times a day and always looking for the next 'big thing' or trend to get involved with.

When I heard about VelloBook a few days ago I was immediately interested to find out more!

VelloBook is the world's first ad-only social media network, a fake start up that has received real traction at the recent Web Summit. Launched by Maura Tuohy and Ki Rubin, both from Eleven Inc in San Francisco, the point of VelloBook is to highlight how powerful social media can be, but also how the message gets lost in the medium and can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

On day one, VelloBook's social content was organically shared through Twitter by venture capitalist's and tech influencers to over 2.5 million people worldwide. VelloBook also generated more conversation than Adrian Grenier's session on Music in the Digital Age!

"As insiders in social media we know how powerful it is when used as a stunt. Launched with a laser-beam focus on Twitter (no, there's no product beta to get invited to- it's FAKE!) VelloBook has been delighting conference goers and bringing a bit of levity to the otherwise very self-important industry of start-ups and social media," said Maura Tuohy.

The duo have had to add #FakeStartUp to their tweets and have received offers from investors wanted to fund them with 'fabillions.'

Keep up with how the campaign progresses at @mtuohy, @kibird and @VelloBook.