01/02/2013 02:24 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

Find Love in 2013!

Your first step in returning to a full belief that love is out there waiting for you is to figure out why you don't believe in love now.

First resolution: Figure out where you lost your faith in love. For some of us, this is obvious. Bad relationships, bad divorce, bad treatment from those we thought we loved. A bad past does not mean you are destined to always be alone, unless of course you choose that future for yourself.

Second resolution: Don't believe everything you think. You may think that those who have rejected you in the past had great reasons to do so. Get over that assumption now. Chances are good the reasons why they didn't want to be with you were mostly related to who they were and where they were at in their life, not how you were acting at the time. Quit blaming yourself for everything that ever happened in this world.

Third resolution: Decide that this time will be different. What you focus on grows, so what do you want to grow now in your life? Can you imagine meeting someone who actually thinks you are the best person they have ever met? Can you see yourself that way? Begin to believe that you are exactly who your someone special needs to meet right now. Then, imagine that your someone special is thinking the same thing about you. Realize much stranger things have happen!

Fourth resolution: Begin to live your life to the fullest, opening to whatever is out there for you. Open up and be on the look out for that special someone who is looking for you right now. Know what you are looking for, only then will you recognize it when it sneaks up on you!

Good luck! I wish you more love than you can possibly imagine or handle in 2013. If these don't work, there's always my book!

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