12/04/2012 07:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Does This Female-Only Hotel Floor Offend You?

What do you think about this? As a woman, the promotion of a Mexican hotel hawking a special section for females only definitely caught my attention.

I never think about my gender unless I'm headed for the restroom. I clicked on the story because I was curious.

First, it made me laugh because it seemed so pointless. Then it got me worked up, and not because a yoga mat is part of the deal.

I'm all for niche audiences -- as long as they don't pander -- but what's with this promo that offers gals yoga mats, minibars and delis? Don't males also like those amenities? So I contacted the hotel, the Riu Plaza in Guadalajara, to find out what I'm missing.

I asked a nice woman there what makes this such a big attraction. For one, complimentary beauty products: Face creams. OK. But they're not even designer names, so it's not exactly a day at Sephora.

The minibar has healthy, low-cal items. The first round, I'm told, is on the house. After that, there's a charge. Er, don't guys also care about health? Or would a guy room be outfitted with cigar bar, kegs, loaded pizza and instant access to all sports channels?

The biggest deal is that all the attendants are women. Please. If a massage is involved, I get it, though gender doesn't matter to me as long as a masseuse is professional. But a cleaning person? A security guard? Who cares?

What I do care about is that one of these girlie rooms is around $30 extra a night. To me, that's a lot for a standard hotel room with empty packaging. For that price, at least spray some estrogen and chocolate around.

As a person, here's what I look for in a home away from home -- and if it's a hotel, it better have some personality because I tend to avoid hotel chains:


Inviting bed: The Scarlet Hotel, Singapore.


Cool surroundings: 1720 House, Martha's Vineyard, MA.


A comfy robe and slippers that make your feet smile: Biltmore, Asheville, NC.


Some good reading material: Eastern & Oriental Express, Asia.


And a dog who'll sleep with you: Florida House Inn, Fernandina Beach, FL.

I also wouldn't say no to stretchy PJs and all-you-could-eat Ding Dongs (while they last).

Now that to me would be the perfect room. For anyone.