07/07/2014 11:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotage and Start Living


I know that in the past I have definitely put myself and my needs last, after everyone else's, leaving me sad, tired, depressed and unsatisfied.

After years of trying different tools to stop the "inner-self, loser voice," I found that these 10, easy and effective ways can work miracles.

1) Our guts as the powerful messenger. Our guts have such an intelligence that they can literally let us know if we are following the direction of self-love or not. Remember the expression: "I have a gut feeling?" This is not for nothing. It is because our tummies know. They knows if we are choosing wisely or not in each and every moment.

If your gut says "Yes" with a capital Y that means you are choosing self-love. If your gut says "Mmm, I am not sure about this one," this may very well be an indication to stay away from that choice, person or situation.

2) Getting enough rest. When we are tired, our intuitive senses are not working at its peak. We make poor choices because "the waters simply feel murky." Feeling tired means making poorer decisions. Make sure you get seven or eight or 8 hours of sleep. You will notice a tremendous positive difference.

3) Stop the "inner-loser voice" and start seeing your magnificence. Many of us live with a level of dissatisfaction and self-sabotage because we feel we are not enough.

By the time we are 8 years old our emotional bodies may be fully developed.

If during that time we unlearned that we are unconditionally loved, the patterns of "not good enough" will keep repeating themselves through out our lives. Consciously picking up practices such yoga, meditation, healing and eating healthy can help us remind us that we are absolutely wonderful and perfect just the way we are and there is nothing to be changed.

4) Healing the "shadows." There have been some amazing teachers that have touched this subject in a profound way. Our shadows are those parts of ourselves that we unconsciously have chosen to disowned.

So for example if you were a tomboy girl who loved running around wild and free and maybe your teacher or your parents told you to stop that behavior because it is "bad" and because we desperately want to be loved and accepted that part of our joyful essence left us and self-sabotage replaced it instead.

Going back into our inner closets and embracing those parts will take you back to the amazing person that you are, and you will stop self sabotaging yourself and your feelings.

5) Your feelings never lie. Our feelings are the most powerful internal guidance we have access to. If we disown our feelings because of wanting to please someone or "be good" or "win" or for whatever reason we just abandoned ourselves. Saying "no" to a job, a person, eating a certain food that you know is going to feel yucky are examples to follow our internal guidance mapping of feelings.

6) Always tell the truth with a kind heart. We tell the truth because in the end we feel more at peace, more open, and at ease. We stop "pretending" things are okay when in fact our emotions tells us otherwise. When we tell our highest truth we give permission for others to do the same.

7) Make a commitment to yourself to do at least one wonderful thing every day that nourishes your soul. Whether be going to the gym, grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, or watching a favorite movie. Become your best friend and follow what makes you feel good.

8) Stop worrying and start thinking big. Our minds run on automatic pilot, and like a Labrador doggy, the mind needs a task. Give it task to think loving thoughts, fun thoughts, funny thoughts. It is very easy to get caught in the "worrying" wheel so make a commitment to choose your thoughts wisely.

10) Follow your intuition. This is what most of us call "common sense." Some people are more visual, others, just know, and for many our intuition is based on how we feel about something or someone. Learn to develop this sixth sense that is already there always available to you and you will see how miracles show up in your everyday life."

Hope you have a miraculous day,

Laura Loterszpil is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Maryland.