07/23/2014 12:08 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2014

Discovering Your Genius and Becoming Your Own Leader

If up to this point you have felt this burning desire to leap into your greatest self, to become the vessel of true love, to embody true compassion, understanding, forgiveness and rediscover your unlimited potential, then this article is for you.

What does it mean to be a leader?

A leader is someone that brings forth unique, creative and innovative perspectives with the intention to help the evolution of human kind or even other species.

The ability of a true leader is when they naturally become magnets for attracting the masses, not to attain fame or self significance but because of a deep understanding that life is not just about them, and it is in the giving that they receive.

Visionaries rise to the occasion. They are committed to keeping up with the world's challenges and bringing forth inspiring and effective transformative solutions.

Because leaders have a strong sense of why they have chosen to become of service they tend to be laser focus on their genius bringing forth their grandest version of themselves.

This is not to confuse with rigid thinking but pure positive intention.

We are all being called to be the leaders of our lives

Maybe you are not one of those people that want to lead others, but the call to become our own leader of ourselves and lives is louder than ever.

We know our old ways of being in the World are not working for us any longer. We try to find happiness in places that only gives us temporary satisfaction and in the end we may feel a sense of emptiness.

So this is when we go to spiritual teachers, masters and gurus and ask for help. I know for myself I have done this many times in my life.

But ultimately the call is to go inwards, find our center and get clear on how to live a life of not just success but true excellence.

Form many of us the call may look like this:

a) We loose our jobs or we feel miserable working in places we know that no is longer serving our true deepest desires to help ourselves and humanity.

b) Or we may be going through a separation a divorce, or experience the lost of someone we dearly love.

We may even question relationships in general. And whether the people in our lives and our immediate circles are the ones supporting this fire we feel within to flower and blossom.

c) And for some of us this loud call for transformation may literally be a phone call from our doctor saying we have been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness.

Shocking at first but may be the greatest gift from life to wake us up and remind us that every minute and every second of our lives is precious.

The time has come where there is no time to fool around any longer, It is time to show up.

We can make this transformation a joyful ride:

The ride of finding your path as your own leader, may seem painful at first because change can be hard period.

And if we choose to follow our inner calling we take the leap into going beyond what we have been taught by our environment, family believes, values, and society standards.

We are at last driving by a bigger force that what our five senses can provide.

It is then when we find ourselves experiencing a life of true meaning, a life of richness full of creativity and ideas that cell of our body lights up like a shiny start.

The true joy of becoming a leader is going beyond our appearances, health, wealth or any smilingly external situations. The claw is so much bigger than all go those mundane issue many of us worry about. And the result is we feel what true joy and true freedom really is all about.

Why is it that so many of us have to experience darkness before we see the light?

Some experts call this "The law of polarity," which states that everything in this world we live in is a world of duality, everything has it opposite. One day this may not be the case but for now this is the world and the reality we have created for ourselves.

So, for example, for us to know where there is light there is also darkness, and where there is unconditional love we get to experience what it feels the lack of it.

Our generations are experiencing the law of polarity in what I would call "on steroids" to put a little humor to it.

We see amazing people rising up to their greatest potential in order to help heal the evolution of humanity and at the same time we are experiencing horrible wars, destruction and an economic system that is failing very rapidly.

Leaders know this polarity is happening big time, and their intent is to be present with both the darkness and the light. They show up for everyone, not just to help the ones that are trying to help and improve their lives but for the millions of people experiencing what most of reading this post will never have to experience. They show up for everyone.

You and I and the people in our lives.

Whether you are experiencing suffering in the form of stress, financial difficulty, family issues, existential issues or health problems you are not alone.

We are all in this together and the choice to see the gift in your unique situation and struggle is where the jewel lies.

It is when we can transform this difficult times into our greatest gifts that we can offer true leadership from a place of love, compassion, cooperation and peace for ourselves and to each other.

Transformation starts from within.

The good news is that all around the world many of us are beginning to understand how life works and the fact that we all have access to this internal tools of true wisdom and divine intelligence that are allowing us to shift our old ways of being into our true essence.

Here I am offering my grain of sand of ways I have learned to step into my own essence self and my inner leader:

1) Because the fact that we are all interconnected and even science has proven this is so we may constantly be picking up other people's vibes.

Because of this it can be rather very easy to loose our center and loose track of our own Divine purpose.

Have you ever noticed you are in a crowd full of people and you feel you have meshed your energies with everyone else's?

Sometimes feeling left energized and other times totally drained?

Even driving down the road, there is a bunch of mad people because of traffic and you were okay while driving and suddenly you feel irritated and you are not sure why.

It may mean you just picked up the vibes from the driver in front of you, who knows. And for this reason It is important to stay centered.

For me having a regular meditation practice and going for walks in nature with my dogs are some of the easiest ways that brings me back to that center place tapping once again into my own infinite potential.

2) Leaders go for change and transformation with the intention to positively help and inspire others.

When I wake up in the morning I make my intention that my first thoughts be: "How can I be of service for the betterment of the planet"?

I let my higher self guide me and I try to notice if I have gotten off the path. I ask life to show me get back on the path once again. Here is the "law of polarity playing the game of getting on the path, getting off the path". We all do it, just bring awareness.

Throughout my day I also ask myself if who I choose to be in each and every moment is who I want to be regardless of what I am doing, who I am interacting with or how I am feeling.

We have the choice to think and feel how we want to think and feel. The more aware we become to this reality and own our feelings the more we know the choice to help and inspire others is completely up to us.

3) Asking for help to others and focusing on your genius:

You cannot do the laundry, cook all the meals, take the kids to school, make money, write the book, be your own secretary, and become a leader. It is not possible.

Leaders know how to ask for help. Because they know they are not super humans when it comes to getting things done.

In fact they would not be able to accomplish what they do without help, trust me on this one.

If you are starting a leadership project and don't have the financial freedom to ask for help do as much as possible yourself and find creating ways to exchange services.

This is one of the gifts of being in alignment with your own inner leader: You tap into using your creative potential to gather help as part of the leadership journey.

Don't feel you have to do everything on your own, it will bring you to exhaustion and you don't want that.

4) Accepting when things are not going our way. The greatest challenge and the biggest reward:

Life is unexpected. We have and will experience times of turmoil, disappointments an even unexpected events.

Being open to the unknown is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself as a leader of your own life.

To be open to our own magnificent means to let go of the need to control everything. This is a life of free falling. I know this may sound like a contradiction because it is.

On one hand we choose our thoughts and feelings and we become the leaders. And on the other we are part of a big ocean call it life, God, universal intelligence that is always working for our highest good and it may not be what we think it is. Learning how to ride the waves in times of turmoil takes mastery.

5) Believe in yourself: you have everything it takes to be magnificent:

Creating self-love practices are very important. Treat yourself like your best friend.

Life has giving you a beautiful body, mind and soul to take care of it.

You are a very important piece of the puzzle. Go out and make the change. And like one of my favorite teachers have said to me one time, "You never know when your last day is going to come so go out and LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!"