08/14/2014 03:22 pm ET Updated Oct 14, 2014

Smashing Through the Writer's Block

There is nothing better than getting into a flow of writing and allowing the inner creator in you come out and play. Just as you start getting into the swing of things, daydream of marrying words into paper forever at your leisure -somewhere on a remote beach -- suddenly, you run into the Armageddon of all problems -- writer's block.

Cue dramatic music!

It unexpectedly and awkwardly creeps up on you similar to that sketchy guy at a bar/club -- who interrupts you and your besties while you're busy tearing up the dance floor and having a great time.

Basically, this is what happened to your writer -- and the worst thing is not knowing what to do. After spending a couple of months traveling through my mind, and going through the daily grind of life, I almost made the decision to stop writing all together.

A huh, that's right, take a moment, and accept the reality of that statement. Whenever stress penetrates itself into my life, I can always count on one -- actually two things as potential releases -- running and writing. So, you can see why the decision to stop writing would never be an option.

During this unexplained "mind fog," I wondered, is it really worth it to continue? Does anyone really give a rat's ass about reading on how to overcome writing blocks, an amateurs' guide to maintaining relationships, love, dating, sex, and other potpourri subjects that I enjoy writing about?

Oh! Oh! There goes my chance of trending on Twitter!

Lastly, I wondered if James Patterson, Stephen King or Danielle Steele have ever gone through this type of experience -- perhaps an investigation is in order.

That said, unlock your chakras and mind and let's get on with the five tips on overcoming the dreaded writer's block.

1. Don't panic. This happens to most of us and it's probably due to daily stress or other distractions happening around our lives that are responsible for blocking the creative channels.

2. Step back from the notebook, and take a short trip back to memory lane. Remember why you started writing in the first place and focus on that. Some of us are blessed with the abundance of non stop creative juices and some of us are not. Regardless of your writing background, go back to the main reason why you decided to write your blog, book, journal, etc, and use that as extra motivation.

3. Stop chasing perfection. There are times where I want to sound super smart and throw in a couple of what I call 'expensive' words -- you know the words that you learned while studying for the SAT's but never really used past High School or College. However, keep the dialogue simple, open, and free from difficult deconstruction. It helps to ease the transaction between you and the audience.

4. Be present. Writing is one of the universal languages of communication. When the mind is present and still, it produces more output, because you can organize all your thoughts better -- than when it's operating at a 100mph( trust me this is the truth). If you have to meditate, go for a stroll, stretch, be one with nature, drink coffee, tea, a brewskie or a glass of vino -- do what you have to do to allow your mind to be free.

5. Have passion, love, and enthusiasm. Writing is a lot of fun -- if you think about it. It's a way to share the most inner and deepest thoughts of the mind and it expresses our individualism and exposes our soul to the readers. When you blend in all three components within the topic of your choice, your writing and message transforms to an even brighter and clearer exchange to the receiver.

Keep plugging away and most importantly, don't give up -- especially if writing happens to be your favorite hobby. The best thing is knowing your fans will be waiting to embrace you with open arms and hopefully they will be understanding of your temporary dilemma.