01/22/2013 04:11 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2013

Thoughts on Michelle Obama's Red Hot Jason Wu Gown


When I first saw our beautiful first lady in her long, gorgeous, custom-made, halter-neck, flaming ruby red chiffon gown with velvet details designed by the very talented Jason Wu at the Inaugural Ball I was a bit surprised. It is quite different from the beautiful white, flowing one-shoulder dress that Jason Wu designed for her to wear to the first Inaugural Ball when she accompanied her husband, President Barack Obama, in 2009, that could have easily doubled as a wedding dress.

This dress is completely different, but then again so is our first lady. She isn't the same somewhat soft-spoken but still beautiful and lovely Michelle (that some people didn't believe would be as active as other former first ladies) we greeted into the white house in 2009. No, this is the strong, fierce, charming, very articulate First Lady Michelle Obama who has became one of our most loved first ladies ever.

"Why shouldn't she wear a much more expressive yet very elegant dress?" I asked myself. I could not give myself a good reason why she shouldn't. And why wouldn't she? She has captured our hearts with her spirit and all she has done to improve our country. At the same time, she has captured our eyes with her elegance and style.

The more I stared at her mesmerized, while she lovingly looked into her second-term presidential husband eyes, I realized how wonderfully the bold and beautiful bright red dress suited her, and how it is by far the best selection for our fabulous first lady of the United States.

Let's not forget to congratulate Jason Wu for being the first lady's designer of choice for both her first and last Inaugural Ball dresses. Now those are some big balls... good for you, Jason Wu.