09/17/2012 03:52 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2012

John-Roger and Me

I was always a searcher, an adventurer and liked to see new places -- the more exotic the better. My dad loved to travel, exalted in it. When I took off for my "journey to the East," my search for relevancy, meaning, and knowledge, one side of him wanted to stop me and the other encourage, so he said nothing, and I went. My parents never really forbid me anything, except the time my mom said she would buy me a monkey. I was too young to see she was kidding and furious when she laughed in the pet shop, pointing my finger at her, stomping my feet and accusing her of lying. She wasn't moved.

Delphi was a revelation, Istanbul an adventure. I crossed the Bosphorus and entered Asia, enchanted with this new continent. I sent photos of snake charmers in Marrakech from an earlier exploration of the Sahara, this time no camera, no way to document this journey except through what my eyes, ears and heart would retain and the phone bills my parents garnered when I called them collect from towns whose names I couldn't pronounce. I returned with clues about my existence, my mind opened -- enlightened, perhaps -- and TB.

I read Gary Zukav, Iyanla Vanzant, checked out Marianne Williamson, saw a psychic in New Mexico, talked to friends who did Tony Robbins, but no walking on coals for me. I didn't need to prove anything. I needed confirmation, validation. I read Jung, Oprah, and Eckhardt Tolle, but it wasn't until I read John-Roger's discourses that clarity started to form -- when I finally said, "aha!"

It is said when you hear truth you know it. Well I read: You create, promote and/or allow everything in your life. John-Roger's words, although I am sure others have said the same thing. My immediate reaction was bull! I didn't create the havoc I'd had, the diseases, the rough times in my life, or did I?

Was this truth? Everything I read in John-Roger's discourses I agreed with. Was John-Roger a kindred soul? Who was John-Roger? Why did I want to know? I had the discourses, the wisdom, the knowledge, the validation, confirmation I had sought. Why did I need or want to know who the author was? I had no idea, only that I did. I wanted to know why this man's words had touched me when all the other self-help, discovery, soul-searching books I enjoyed never did. I realized I was empowered by John-Roger's words, in balance with myself, the world, soaring in a state of active bliss. I believe it is empowerment we all seek, self-knowledge that helps us function in the world and lead better lives.

I don't go around singing John-Roger's praises. Experience is my teacher. Experience is John-Roger's teacher. On this earth, if we don't share, what do we have? I became certain of who I am from this man through my own experience. Maybe if you are reading this, maybe if you are a seeker, a searcher or want to know the meaning of life or who you are, what we are doing here, and translate, turn all that into a positive expression for yourself living your life with more joy, then this film, this man, is for you.

On a poster to one of John-Roger's early seminars, the words: "A world exists where all eyes are open, all truths experienced. It is a world of total being and it lives within... You. Come and pay yourself a visit." I found that world through this man. You can too.

John-Roger has traveled the world for over 40 years guiding people to find the Spirit within themselves: teaching how to live a healthy, loving, peaceful and rewarding life. A NY Times #1 Bestselling Author with now over 55 publications to his name, John-Roger has given over 6,000 seminars, all with the focus of Soul Transcendence: "becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality". Many of these videos are currently available for free as iTunes Podcasts:

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