05/10/2012 09:20 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2012

'American Idol' Elimination Recap: The Final 3 Revealed

There was a whole lot of "meh" during this week's "American Idol" performance show, and it should've been fairly obvious from the start just who the endangered contestant was. But, because the voting public is a fickle and capricious monster, I'm perennially braced for a shocking result. (I really didn't see Hollie, Elise or Skylar lasting longer than Colton, for example, even though I preferred all three.)

As with all "Idol" results shows, the May 10 episode was packed full of juicy generally mediocre performances from people who are only tenuously still musically relevant -- this week, those lucky time-wasters were judge Jennifer Lopez, and lackluster winner of yesteryear, David Cook. But since such diversions are what YouTube and the fast-forward button were invented for, let's skip to this week's elimination result.

The next contestant to be going home (and not just for a hometown visit) is ...

Hollie Cavanagh.

To which I say, "duh." Hollie has immense raw potential, but she seems unaware of who she is as an artist (something that Jessica also struggles with), and lacks confidence on stage where her fellow contestants have evolved and loosened up over the course of the season. She'll sound fine on a record, once she's had some polish and doesn't have to stand in front of a crowd, but she's not yet at the point where she could be comfortable on stage in front of a sold out arena.

Hollie most reminds me of young, mousy David Archuleta, who had an incredible range but always seemed gawky and shy on stage, and subsequently lost to the aforementioned David Cook. It doesn't mean that she can't have a successful career somewhere down the line, but it does mean that she's not "Idol" material. She got a lot further than I thought she would, and she's arguably more talented than Phillip, vocally, so I hope she leaves with her head held high, despite the judges' constant barrage of criticism.

Jessica was the first to be pronounced safe, followed by Joshua and Phillip.

Do you think the voters made the right choice? Who do you think will be the next to go home? Weigh in below!

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