11/17/2013 04:43 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

10 Thanksgivukkah Pick-Up Lines

It's a turkey. It's a menorah. It's the top 10 Thanksgivukkah pick-up lines!

By now, you've likely heard all about Thanksgivukkah, the rare convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. This unique holiday mashup is creating a frenzy of Talmudic proportions and it's easy to see why. Due to the funky mathematics of the Hebrew and secular calendars, this holiday blend has never happened before, and won't happen again for some 77,000 years. Like true love, it appears Thanksgivukkah only comes around once in a lifetime.

To honor this special holiday merger, here are 10 Thanksgivukkah pick-up lines for you to pull out the next time you meet a nice, Jewish match you'd be proud to take home to Bubbe. Don't be shy; if your potential match doesn't get the joke, there are plenty more gefilte fish in the sea (just look on JDate).

10 Thanksgivukkah Pick-Up Lines

  1. Thanksgivukkah may be creating a frenzy of Talmudic proportions, but you're creating an even bigger frenzy in my heart.
  2. C'mon baby, light my menurkey!
  3. I'd like to celebrate the merger of more than just two holidays. How about we celebrate a you-and-me combo?
  4. The only thing sweeter than pecan pie rugelach is you.
  5. You make Thanksgivukkah so much funukkah!
  6. I would travel over the river and through the woods, just to get close to you this Thanksgivukkah.
  7. Instead of feasting on turkey and latkes, how about we feast on love?
  8. Your stunning beauty is a Hanukkah miracle and a reason to be give thanks this Thanksgiving.
  9. Wow, you look as delicious as Bubbe's sweet potato latkes.
  10. Hey girl, want to find a once-in-a-lifetime love on this once-in-a-lifetime holiday?