05/15/2014 04:36 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2014

Your Mom Picked Your Name... Can She Pick Your Mate?

If you're like most children, you totally forgot to buy your mom a present for Mother's Day. Now you're scrambling to think of something different than the bouquet of carnations and $.99 card you picked up at a gas station on the way to her house last year. Sound familiar? Well, if you're single, I've got an idea that's unique, thoughtful, and won't cost you a dime. This Mother's Day, why not give your mom the one thing she really wants -- complete and utter control over your dating life.

Ok, so most of you won't even let your mom meet someone you're casually dating, let alone allow her to choose your next blind date! And for good reason; if your mom got to choose your online dating profile name it would probably be something like "PrettiestLilGirlEver." But even though giving your mother complete and utter control over your dating life sounds like an awful decision, most of you also value your mother's opinion.

According to The State of Dating in America Report, a joint survey from and, mothers have the greatest influence on singles when it comes to deciding who to date and marry:

  • 32 percent of singles say their mothers have influence when it comes to who they date.
  • 37 percent of singles say their mothers have influence in regards to who they marry.

When it comes to mating, we apparently value Mama's opinion more than our Dear Old Dad's, our besties and even our pets. This finding makes sense if you think about it: your mother has known you throughout your entire life, she has only your best interests in mind, and she wouldn't let anyone -- I mean anyone -- take advantage of you. And, as she probably likes to remind you every so often, she would go through labor for you! That said, of course you would take your mom's opinion into account when it comes to who you date and marry. And yet, the survey also found most daters wouldn't dare involve their mom in the beginning of the process: only 7 percent of singles ask for input from their mother on potential dates. Seems like a missed opportunity for a built-in matchmaker to me!

Yes, giving your mom control of your online dating profile could result in an awkward profile pic of you at your high school prom, but it could also provide a really funny reason for other online daters to email you.

And, of course, telling your mom about a first date could be disastrous when she says, "He had two drinks?! That's two too many." However, it could also help you weed out those who don't necessarily make a good fit.

And finally, allowing your mom to set you up with her dentist's kid could result in a terribly awkward date when she spies on you from across the bar, but it could also lead to a new connection with someone special (and maybe even a free teeth cleaning, if you're lucky!).

This Mother's Day present is definitely a risky idea -- and it will require major effort on your part -- but with great risk comes great reward. Maybe you could start small by letting Mom help you pick a username for your online dating profile. Just tell her "PrettiestLilGirlEver" is already taken...