10/25/2012 09:45 am ET Updated Dec 25, 2012

5 Reasons Why Supporters of Obama, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Should Grudgingly Vote for Romney

There is a lot to dislike about this election, the candidates and the antics of two big parties as they attempt to hold onto power versus serve.

Let's clear the air.

1. Ron Paul was cheated out of his rightful 15-minute time slot and place on the ballot at the RNC by Mitt Romney and the GOP. A really foolish and petty Romney decision that alienated millions of Ron Paul voters from the GOP. For what reason? To prevent a 15-minute speech and a debate at the convention? To date, there has been zero accountability or apologies from Romney.

2. Much of the media is taking sides and acting on behalf of one candidate and running with negative stories about the other candidate while defending and covering up negative stories about their preferred person. As Americans, we do occasionally get to see Mitt Romney and Barack Obama during the debates and in other forums without it being spun.

3. Much of the media is ignoring the third-party candidates, such as Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, so most Americas have no idea who he is and what he wants to do for America. The Libertarian platform has some ideas Americans might want to incorporate. Larry King is moderating a debate with the lesser-known candidates.

4. The last four debates were held by what Republicans consider Democrat-leaning networks with Democrat-leaning moderators and have prevented any third-party candidates from being heard by 65 million people. The two big parties are cutting out the third-party candidates. Gary Johnson was suing to be included.

5. The Democrats took "God", support of Israel and "to make abortion rare" out of their platform. Then, the DNC put the first two back in using similar tactics that the GOP used to silence Ron Paul supporters at the RNC.

6. Many politicians and their ads seem to care more about being elected or re-elected and keeping their power than doing the right thing. The lack of honor and decency is upsetting.

7. Voter fraud is being bandied back and forth with voter suppression. The Democrats claim that Republicans want to suppress minority voters when Republicans want voter ID laws. Republicans are convinced that the Democrats win by having people vote multiple times and for people who are no longer alive. Why would 140 billboards that tell the consequences for voter fraud be considered voter suppression? The only organization I can find addressing this is But for the U.S. to have UN observers of our vote is not okay either. Can't America be somewhat honest and respectful concerning our own elections? Where is the joint Democratic and Republican request for peaceful and legal elections and two-party condemnation of any election fraud and/or violence?

What 5 reasons should you consider changing your vote to Mitt Romney instead of Barack Obama, Gary Johnson or writing in Ron Paul, especially if you live in a swing state, like Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio? Isn't that rolling over? No, because Americans, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, will hold Mitt Romney accountable.

5. Obama has no second-term plan and his first-term plan has failed. It's time to kick Obama off the team and try a new starting quarterback.
To vote based on gender, race or party, or to make excuses due to gender, race or party is foolish. America's debt went from $10 trillion to $16 trillion under Obama's watch. More than two-thirds of deaths in Afghanistan occurred on Obama's watch, not Bush's (he was not a great president either). Chavez, Putin and the Castro family have endorsed Obama.

4. Romney and Ryan have a plan, but it is going to take Americans and non-two party ideas, like Ron Paul's and Gary Johnson's, to stabilize America and make it great again. What if Romney booted Ben Bernanke and appointed Ron Paul as Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank? A variety of American voices and parties matter.

3. It is better to address real problems proactively, like social security, so our country has stability for 100 percent of Americans. Without financial stability, America becomes vulnerable to other countries and could lose the constitutional rights we take for granted. Women make up approximately 50 percent of the population. Is protecting the reproductive rights of 50 percent of Americans more important than protecting the Constitution for 100 percent? I say, "No." Both parties are too extreme and illogical on abortion and misuse this sensitive issue to manipulate voters instead of being rational and compassionate.

2. Americans are not being told the whole story about the Benghazi incident.

1. Americans deserve a great government. The last president I liked and respected was Harry Truman, a Democrat. He was a straight shooter who served America. Granted, the government reflects the people so if Americans are electing lousy people to office, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Many of us have been uninformed, sat out elections, voted party lines or on one issue. But, now Americans are awake and getting involved by contacting representatives and senators.

So, Mitt Romney, if Americans elect you, we are watching. You will not get free passes from Republicans or Ron Paul supporters or other supporters who have taken a risk on you. Every blogger and media outlet will be evaluating and fact-checking you and your team. If you surround yourself with "yes" people and ignore Americans, we will fire you.

We expect you to tell us the truth, keep your word of what you have run your campaign on and tell us if you can't and why.

We expect you to honor the Constitution, look out for American citizens' interests and America as a whole first and foremost -- not your own, the GOP or big money interests. Don't blame Obama for inheriting a mess from him, like he did with Bush. We don't want to hear any more excuses like we have for four years. If we elect you, the buck stops with you and you have four years to show us what you've got. If you don't come through and if the U.S. is not in better shape in many areas, we will fire you. We will not be not re-electing you and will elect the Democratic or third-party candidate in 2016. Americans cannot afford to fall asleep, vote party lines and avoid criticizing our government and own party out of loyalty.

America need leaders with great courage and moral clarity.

I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man. -- George Washington