06/06/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Sexy Moves that Make Women Melt

There are moves that just make women weak in the knees for a guy. Often, they have to do with helping us feel safe, protected, special or gorgeous. And, hopefully these will earn you a kiss, a smile, twinkly eyes, or something else...

Here goes with some of the best ones:

1) The seat belt move - I know husbands and boyfriends who do this move consistently. Here is the move, get the car door for the woman, help her in with a hand and then lean over and buckle her in. As you buckle her in, go in for a kiss. This feels good because you are cuddling and making sure she is safe and secure.

2) Picking up the valet ticket - this move can be done early on in dating. If you both leave the restaurant and she has her ticket out, smile and ask for her ticket. Pay for both, wait for her car and tip for her. Walk her to the car door. This feels good because it allows her to be "walked to her car" in a safe way with other people around, plus you noticed the opportunity to treat her to the valet. Often, the valet is a small fraction of the meal costs and it leaves everything on a feel good note. She drives away feeling, "Wow."

3) Car door, regular doors, pulling chairs out, heavy lifting and dirty things. The standard getting her car door both when she gets in the car and out of the car, and even getting her car door for her when she is driving away. It feels attentive and protective. Same with getting her chair when dining and helping her with anything heavy or dirty. Taking her car to fill up with gas or offering to pump gas for a woman so she doesn't have to get her hands dirty. For most women, anything you do to help with cars feels good. They are big pieces of metal that get us where we need to. All of these small gestures help women to feel feminine, vulnerable and sexy.

4) Starting the cold car. I know husbands and dads who provide regular car warming up service. That means that whenever the man can, he would start their daughters' and wives' cars ahead of time so that the women climbed into toasty cars with clear windshields. This was especially nice for those that lived in snowy areas. She feels protected and nurtured by you.

5) As unromantic as this sounds, unexpected cash with a wish. Yes, cash. This is mostly for serious girlfriends or wives. Yes wives. Even a wife who has been married for 50 year delights in this. Most women are very money conscious and can feel self-conscious spending on themselves. One woman may love massages but only go once a year.

Handing a woman who is balancing the family budget $100 and saying, "Do something nice for yourself" feels uncomfortable to many women in a good way. They may choose to get that plant they always wanted or to try a new place she has been curious about for lunch or both. She may just save it until she falls in love with something. She may buy multiple things or have multiple experiences. No matter what, each time she thinks about that $100 sitting there, she thinks about you and smiles. Each time she wears or does something with it, she is thinking about what a great guy you are. It is a gift that gives over and over again. She is often thinking about what the house needs or the kids need. Your gift gave her permission to feel like a girl and dream a little. It might just look like paper to you, but it has magic as she feels that you notice who she is and how she looks out for others and you want her to feel special.

6) Doing what you say you will. Keeping all promises big and small. This helps her to relax and trust you. It is better to say I'll call you before nine, then to say you will call at six and call at seven. By keeping all your agreements and comminicating with her when they change as soon as you know, she feels cared for an important to you. And, she feels safe with you which allows her chemistry and passion for you to grow.

Any other moves that you have experienced that make you just melt for a guy?