05/31/2010 04:43 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Unplug and Recharge by Properly Feeding and Caring for Your Body

Our bodies need fuel just like cars do. While we wouldn't dream of putting anything but the right gas in our cars for fear they would not run, many of us have the habit of putting things in our body that do not help us run well.

I remember as a teenager, my car was stalling and my dad figured out that it was some water in my tank. I was amazed at how much trouble a little bit of water could cause a big car. We had to put some liquid in the gas tank to take care of the problem.

There are examples of this in my life. I know I feel better when I eat vegetables, stay away from white flour and white sugar, deep fried foods and finish dinner by seven o' clock. I know I feel better when I remember to drink two to three cups of herbal tea a day. I feel better when I walk or bike or do some exercise, take a few quiet moments and get to bed by ten o'clock.

Do I have days where I eat things that lead me to feel tired, sluggish and downright stuffed? Yes. Do I eat late and feel tired the next morning when I could have structured my day better and felt better? Yes. Do I go entire days realizing I have not had one sip of water? Yes. Do I procrastinate exercise and sometimes do none? Do I stay up and make choices that run my system down unnecessarily?

I sometimes do not take the time to have the right "fuel" in my fridge and also choose to put the wrong "fuel" in my body. This actually causes me both physical and emotional stress because I don't feel well. Unfortunately, there is no magic liquid to make me run better instantly. Just better choices I can make.

So, this week, I am unplugging and relaxing by taking the time to feed my body real food -- with ingredients I can pronounce -- and to care for it with adequate sleep and exercise. So good so far.

What can you do to help your body run better?

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Dr. Laura