12/18/2014 12:25 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2015

Hustle, Bustle, Stop Complaining!

Yes, it's the season of busy days that turn into busy nights. Of course you are running more than normal and your wallet is draining fast, but before you complain too much, look at it from a different prospective.

So you're running to the grocery store again -- well luckily you have the ability to feed your family and loved ones. There's so many people standing in lines at food pantries waiting to get whatever they can to feed their kids that would love the chance to shop at a real grocery store and buy whatever food they want. I've heard so many moms complaining about running from store to store to find certain toys their kids have on their wish lists -- yes it's a hassle but remember in five or 10 years they will be too old for the fun turtle toys and Barbie dolls and you will long for the magical days of Christmases filled with children's squeals .

So while you're waiting in line at the tenth store for that special must-have think of the joyful smiles they will have on Christmas Day! When you're complaining about having no time to write out your Christmas cards and get family photos done just realize how lucky you are to have a list of people you care about enough to send a card to. How sad a life with no friends or family would be, that will definitely make the chore easier to complete. And when you're getting dressed for one more holiday party, be thankful for the invite -- not upset at the efforts you must make to attend.

Holiday cheer with friends is a wonderful thing so don't come up with reasons to skip any opportunity to enjoy the times -- you never know what tomorrow brings. Make the cookies with joy, they will taste better and your kids will appreciate the traditions and memories you are creating long after the cookies are eaten. Every package wrapped is a person you have in your life that means something to you! Every decoration put up is an item your kids or grandkids may one day cherish as one of their most favorite Christmas traditions.

I never want my daughter to see me annoyed or stressed by the seasons tasks. I want her to learn to enjoy all the moments and pass along holiday spirit to all she encounters. She knows already how fortunate she is to spend holidays with family and friends, how blessed she is to have a warm home and decorations, gifts and food to share. She realizes there are people who don't get to spend the holiday doing any of the things some complain about at this time of year and so she will grow up loving the holidays but appreciating all the special opportunities. Let's all take some time to remember all of these things this season and instead of getting crabby and annoyed by all our tasks be thankful for the chance to do it all with those you love and cherish each memory you're creating!