08/26/2014 05:27 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2014

A Message Whose Powerful Impact Continues To Astound Two Years After It Was Originally Shared

As a writer, I am a firm believer that words have a life of their own. Their impact might not be revealed immediately upon granting them freedom but none go unheard or devoid of purpose. Within each word, there are breath and reason and for some, there are many breaths and multiple reasons. Such is the case for an article I wrote two years ago, which seems to be having an even more powerful impact my great surprise. And although the tale and circumstances underlying the recent re-emergence of these words is rather unusual, what is wholly understandable is why they have, currently, found an even stronger voice.

Simply put "the world needs to hear them now more than ever." As such, new life has been breathed into each syllable and together, they have reconvened in a manner and way that is impacting a whole lotta people - with an equal amount of public outreach and even some talk show invitations being extended to me, in hopes, of expanding the discussion. Never would I have imagined that words I had long forgotten would find their way home again and plant themselves squarely on my doorstep so unexpectedly and through a means - a new friend - I had not known upon their initial writing. The story is funny, actually, and one I will share.

Having woken up to an email I received the night prior from a mom of one of my youngest child's classmates, I quickly learned of a new job she just landed and, subsequently, about a particular project she was working on, which compelled a bit of research to be completed. The research required led this woman to read an article that so inspired her, she could not help but want to learn more about the author. Shortly, thereafter, she came across a name and an abbreviated biography, the likes of which "struck" her beyond all expectation. The name was mine. In her email to me, she remitted the article, which I had originally been asked to write in 2012 for a magazine called "Inspire Me Today". The focus of the magazine was to provide insight and wisdom to readers - many of whom were women seeking camaraderie and support. I decided to feature a lesson I had learned that changed and shaped my life...and, undoubtedly, my future.

The lesson I shared espoused the importance of "helping" others, specifically how transformational engaging in such selfless acts could be no matter how large or small. Certainly, it's not a new message, but a timeless one and a "timely" one as we watch our world grow in turmoil and, seemingly, court death with every spin. Not surprising that we are all looking for a bit of hope and solution and reminders such as the one I first shared two years ago - now circulating rigorously through Linkedin and other social media sites - tend to come back into fashion during moments of intense stress and uncertainly because they provide this. I guess you can call this particular fashion a classic. May we pray that it inspires quality results deserved of such a title.

Given we each take what this article has to say seriously, the goodness we add to the world can only HELP. No doubt, the larger problems will be more easily solved if everyone lends a hand in their own unique way so that we may make a way for ALL our future.

Admittedly - although my ego is quite flattered by the attention words I wrote two years ago is drawing - my heart, mind, and soul would much prefer to live in a world that doesn't need such reminders. Obviously, the reprisal of this article speaks that I am not alone. May I be less alone with each passing day.

As vocalist Matthew West says in his song Do Something -- " It's not enough to do nothing. It's time for us to do something!"

That means EVERYONE folks! It's the only way we are going to make that better world come true!