08/28/2013 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Back-To-School With the Three Stooges: Miley, Gaga, and Taylor


I sent my daughters back to school this morning and, in doing so, I could not help but feel as if Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift should be following closely behind -- so obvious is it that these three little girls need to be schooled in the art of being "women of influence." Certainly, the education they have been receiving up to this point has been wholly lacking.

No doubt, the visual assault Miley Cyrus laid on the audience coupled with Lady Gaga's stripper act and Taylor Swift's public bullying of the poor gent that inspired her song and video made a mockery of themselves, but what it also did was cause parents to question the soundness of those at MTV in charge of the VMAs. Truth be told, these tasteless performances didn't just crop up suddenly and take MTV's VMA team by surprise. They were rehearsed and, thus, known about all along, which makes MTV approving of such defiant, ridiculous, and disgusting behavior. What is it that we, parents, are suppose to do with that disheartening realization?

Given my own daughters exhibited such bad behavior at school today, I would fully expect the principal to toss their butts home for a lengthy period of detention -- not to return again until they fully realized the ramifications of such poor decisions. I would also gather that both I and my daughters would have to agree to a course of future action and expected behavior in order for any of them to return to their classrooms again. The entire situation would be taken very seriously by both the school and the Board of Education and so should it be by the VMAs and MTV.

Having all lashed out at Kanye West when he showed his own serious lack of judgment years prior, you would think that his sheer presence at the VMAs would have been a clear reminder of the need to behave with consideration and class, especially being fully aware of the multitude of children watching this show. Apparently, Taylor Swift has a short memory. I can't come up with any excuse for Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga. Maybe Kanye West can help me out here. At the minimum, ol' Kanye should feel somewhat vindicated after watching Taylor make such a fool out of herself during her acceptance speech.

Ironically, in their overwhelming desire to be original, there was nothing original in any of their performances. The entertainment industry has always included women who have stripped and/or behaved badly...except most are relegated to off hours and find themselves on poles or in the streets. And again, laws and "accountability" apply. Unfortunately, I would hasten to guess neither will be the case here. More likely, money and ratings will trump morality and societal welfare, even in the face of the many families and children who were left stunned and appalled for days after the show.

Based upon what happened this year, MTV needs to assure its audience that they will no longer allow "children" to run around crazed on stage with little supervision and no common sense or regard for anyone but themselves. Back it up with legal documents and ramifications to the participants if they need to so that the few don't overshadow the majority or hinder the good time expected by all. Frankly, the horror that spread all over Will Smith's face and the faces of his loved ones couldn't have been more reflective of the horror every other family was feeling as they watched from their couches at home.

MTV needs to be the grown-ups going forward if the VMAs are to continue to exist in the spirit they were launched. Otherwise, these awards will become nothing more than a joke...and such a poorly produced one, that even Jimmy Fallon couldn't save it! And that's saying a lot, don't you think?