11/19/2013 07:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving: Allow Me to Remind You That There Is "GOOD" In This World!


I spied an endearing act of kindness the other day while picking up a few items at a local store. A young boy standing in the check-out line holding a piggy bank (in which he intended to buy) received both a gift and a lifelong lesson when the store manager refused to take the little boy's money to pay for the bank. Instead, the store manager gave him a smile, shooed his money away, and told him to take his mother out to lunch with the money he saved that day as well as the money he would continue to save with the help of that piggy bank. The little boy's response mimicked the sweetness of the store manager and then he departed -- a dollar richer in money and many dollars richer in wisdom.

How that moment in this little boy's life will translate as he grows up only time will tell. I hasten to guess though that that store manager recognized himself in that little boy and look who he's become....a MAN of INSPIRATION who has given the entire world something "GOOD" to talk about, learn from, and remember as we, ourselves, navigate life and sift through the many depressing, disheartening, angry and ludicrous headlines that seem to take precedence in our news.

No doubt, the world is full of turmoil... but "bleak," it is not. There is still a great deal of good left in it -- much more than the "bad" we continuously hear about, in my opinion. And lately, it seems, I am not alone in that opinion. The "public" actually does seem to be craving a bit more good in their diets and a number of newly established media outlets are giving it to them... lock, stock and barrel.

Might I say, it is a nice change. There is tremendous value in remembering and even re-conditioning ourselves to see the good in the world. And as Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, I feel, there isn't a more appropriate time to commit to join in the march of helping ourselves and others keep sight of the good as doing so will only make all of our lives better.

Certainly, each of us sees examples of "goodness" regularly. I happen to think that there are many remarkable people that touch our lives daily but whose stories are never spoken. Whether simple acts or those of larger countenance, the vastness of kindness in this world may be swept under the rug on most occasions but it certainly does not mean it lacks in importance or significance....just saleability in the news (up to this point that is).

Every dog seems to have its day and "GOOD" is in as of late. Needless to say, that's a bandwagon I am happy to jump on and as my normally optimistic nature easily grabs itself a seat, I would like to invite others to jump on it with me in a meaningful way that translates into a simple and easily fulfilled request.

I'd like you (my readers) to finish the writing of this blog entry for me. I am asking you to become my co-writers for a second and in the comments section below, share your own stories of good for others to read. Like the story of the store manager that began this blog, I ask you to share your own stories so that the cycle of good multiplies in countless ways and at a rate and pace that will remind each of us that "goodness" is very much alive and well during the Thanksgiving holiday and always!

You will be doing the world a great deal of good in participating. And, given that you invite others to do the same, who knows where all this good will lead! Certainly no place BAD, I imagine!

And on that note, I wish all of you a "Happy Thanksgiving!" Thanks for participating.