10/01/2013 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 01, 2013

Hey, Down in Front: It Seems the World Is About to Explode and You Are Blocking My View!

Some of you might have noticed that it's been a couple of weeks since I wrote my last blog. Suffice it to say that I took a short breather from all of the screaming that comes along with being tapped into current events and the news as closely as I am. Lately, the discontent and noise pervading humanity from every corner of the world has been deafening and reminds me of the time when Phil Collins offered his take on man's lunacy through his and Genesis' song "Land Of Confusion."

It seems as of late that guns are literally blazing all over the place. Everyone is choosing sides on just about everything and, I fear, the world is spinning itself out of control -- with stress and exhaustion fueling the fire that will, ultimately, do none of us any good. In taking a few steps back to view it all, I have to say, my preschool teacher and mom instincts feel the overwhelming desire to kick in, grab all of the screaming children by the scruffs of their necks and force them onto their mats for a time out and a few good hours of rest. Maybe then, we might all have a chance at seeing more clearly and working together to be a bit more sane, human and effective in the goals that we are trying to accomplish so that we may all not just tolerate each other but live happily together.

I know, I know... It sounds ridiculous to hope and pray for a world that will get along, where everyone matters and where we all work towards a common end that doesn't result in the end of the entire human race overall. No doubt, some will define me as a simpleton in my summation of what's going on. Others will split hairs with me that I even dare to wish for nirvana, think it possible or even mention the word, "pray," in such a naive plea, appealing to people's consciences -- not to mention the sensibilities of the wide population of readers that scan The Huffington Post daily. Experience has taught me, however, when chaos rears its ugly head to the extent it is lately, simple solution must be activated before more sophisticated, long-term solution can be had. Sometimes the best we can do is to take a step back, allow ourselves to refocus and proceed again with fresh sets of eyes and clear heads.

Hungry, scared, frightened, tired, lost, alone, misunderstood: These are some of the daunting commonalities the entire human race seems to be struggling with but might they lead to a highly unfortunate outcome if we don't get a handle on ourselves and our actions somewhere along the way. No doubt, our frenzied state won't lead us to where we want to go regardless of how loud we scream or fast we pedal. In fact it will drive us to exactly where we don't want to end up: with no winners and little to show from all our clamoring and finger pointing.

I ask that we all take a step back, maybe place each of our heads down on our desks for a bit of time in hopes that we may come back stronger, more stable, rid of crisis and be truly willing to work towards unison -- possessing valid intentions and thoughts of how to achieve that goal. Certainly, as simple as this may sound, it's better than the alternative, and certainly a lot more hopeful than the many sirens invading our news and lives on a daily basis to speak.

Yes, it's a land of confusion, but it's the only world we have. I recommend we all breathe, folks. It's a choice that will buy us some needed time as we move out from underneath all of the screaming and into a place that lends itself to resolution and peace.

With all due respect, everyone: the alternative will only leave us deaf and dead. I opt for door number one with plenty of extra quilts and pillows to go around.