05/14/2014 03:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mommy Garb: Is It Really That Bad?


I spent a good chunk of this weekend observing moms as they bolted between the market, the salon, and Mother's Day activities with their families. It was an extremely busy weekend for them. It was also the first weekend that New England (where I live) sprung with feelings of spring. Everyone was out-n-about. And moms were certainly in full gear -- or should I say garb -- decked out in styles of choice, all of which screamed "motherhood" without question.

No doubt, moms receive a great deal of advice as to how to update their wardrobes from just about every magazine, talk show, and online fashion site known to man. And yet, if you ask a man what they would rather see their wives wearing daily, most would say, "They like their wives in sweats or jeans." That doesn't mean dirty or dumpy, but comfortable and casual with the elegant sexiness that a well-fitted T-shirt -- or something similar in nature -- offers.

The truth is outta the bag, ladies... and although, your man doesn't want you looking like an old bag, he certainly isn't going to run in horror when you exchange the pumps for Keds and throw on a pair of leggings as opposed to a pencil skirt when grabbing the keys to the car so that dinner might actually get on the table after a full day of kids, work, and general management of family life. Ask a starving man if he'd rather eat or sleep with supermodel at any given moment, I would hasten to guess he will choose the former.

That doesn't mean the latter is without its place in life. There is no doubt that mommy garb shouldn't be 24/7 attire. It just means that stressing over your daily wear because your budget doesn't afford you an entirely new wardrobe every season isn't something you should be doing despite everything moms read, hear, or see on the matter. It's completely impractical -- degrading, almost, to the honor of being a caring, active, hardworking, and devoted mother. The mom uniform is something to be proud of and moms should "embrace" it, "own" it, and make it their own -- as the flats don't change but "style" is a very personal reflection on who a woman is beyond just being a mom.

Certainly, there are enough choices available within "mom" fashion that allows us to look casual, comfortable, and attractive at appealing prices. We needn't break the bank to look good as moms. All we need do is to take pride in ourselves as irreplaceable souls to so many and then find an outfit that reflects this "true" beauty.

Remember, "The clothes don't make the man." They don't make the "MOM" either!