08/29/2008 11:18 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Stand Up To Cancer: Join The Movement

Over the past month, between the Olympics and the political conventions, America has had its share of inspiring moments. One of the most moving images was Senator Kennedy fiercely addressing the Democratic National Convention. Here was a man afflicted by a vicious disease that affects one out of every three women and one out of every two men. Senator Kennedy showed us all, regardless of your political point of view, how to, quite literally, Stand Up to Cancer.

Next Friday night, Americans will be able to take the energy, the passion and the pride they have felt during the past few weeks and take a monumental step towards bringing about the end of cancer. On Friday, September 5th (8pm EST and PST) three major networks--ABC, NBC and CBS--will simulcast Stand Up To Cancer, a landmark television event designed to rally the public and raise millions of dollars- funds that will ensure new therapies for afflicted cancer patients as dollars are streamlined through an innovative funding and distribution model to scientists with the great minds needed to cure cancer.

For the first time of this magnitude, Stand Up To Cancer is bringing together the world's leading scientists, doctors and researchers in different backgrounds and disciplines to join together on "Dream Team" projects, which will bring groundbreaking therapies to patients faster. This model allows for 100% of public donations to go directly towards the fight against cancer. Since 2003, the US government's cancer budget has been cut, steadily. Stand Up To Cancer is looking to reverse that trend, make cancer part of the national debate and raise funds, and effectively use those funds to help eradicate a disease that kills a disease that kills 1500 Americans a day; one every minute--more than 500,000 Americans and more than six million people worldwide every year.

Directed by the Stand Up To Cancer Advisory Committee through the American Association of Cancer Research, the Stand Up To Cancer funding model will make the most of the money we raise. Below is a fun, short, animated video entitled "Where the Money Goes," which explains how. The video is directed and animated by Jim Cooper, who illuminated the complex issues of the writers strike with his popular "Why We Fight" video. Narrated by Paul Rudd, "WT$G" features music from indie rock pioneer Mac McCaughan as Portastatic.

We've set the stage to change the lives of millions of people affected by this disease. The one variable we need is your help. I want to invite all of you to have your inspirational moment. Watch the show next Friday at 8, 7 central- as its producer, I promise it will be entertaining and uplifting. Host a viewing party. Visit Add Stand Up to Cancer as a Facebook Cause. Download the inspiring "Just Stand Up" donated by LA Reid and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds and a galaxy of stars.

Host this widget on your website or blog.

Send your kid to lunch with Judd Apatow ( this will cost you ).

Launch a star in honor of someone who has received a cancer diagnosis.

Use your voice, creativity and talents to advocate on behalf of this cause. And, if you can, donate to Stand Up To Cancer- no matter the amount you donate, I promise it will go toward saving lives.

Senator Obama's mother died of ovarian cancer. Senator McCain battled melanoma. For all of our differences as Americans, standing up to cancer can unite us. It is my hope that whoever wins this November pledges that, by the end of the next decade, we will end cancer's reign as a leading cause of death. In the meantime, we as a people must lead the charge. This is where the end of cancer begins.