02/28/2012 02:42 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2012

If Talk Is Cheap, Why a Conversation?

Talk to the hand. We have all had enough of people talking at us. It is time we talk plainly to one another. There is a resonance in sharing our stories, what we've encountered and what we learned along the way. It's the dying art of conversation. Society needs conversation where the ultimate impact exceeds merely exchanging words. New Leaders Council knows this and that we have much to talk about. Enter NLC's 1st Annual Northeast Conversation, Saturday, March 3rd in New York City.

New Leaders Council is the nation's premier Progressive training institute. NLC consists of 20 chapters across the country, yet, our roots run deep in the Northeast. Connecting our members, Progressive thought leaders, social pioneers and the Northeast community at large, for a chat is an ambitious but necessary aim. Actions do speak louder than words, which is why our conversation kicks off with a Progressive Job Fair. It is not enough to discuss building a Progressive economy, so NLC is contributing directly to its inception by introducing employers to prospective employees starting at 9am.

Next, the conversation commences. Northeast Conversation will explore ways Progressives can protect America's true values of equality, prosperity and peace. Participants are encouraged to dialogue with our outstanding set of experts in change leadership, non-profits, economics, politics and business. This conversation will be communal, cross-generational and certainly unconventional. NLC wants you there. It is you who will make our conversation complete. NLC needs the voices of informed Americans who know Progressive ideas made us who we are and will carry us forward. This conversation will become our catalyst, urging us to rise to America's aid. It will propel us to do more than talk. Together we can convert conversation to action, action to change.

Saturday, March 3, 2012, the power of genuine ideas and Progressive leadership will enlarge and encourage us all. NLC has assembled scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, strategists, media tycoons and philanthropists to have a conversation certain to leave you empowered, energized, enlightened. Look forward to being reassured thinking people still exist. Northeast Conversation is one of the ways we can combat the pettifog currently soling our national political discourse and protect Progressive ideals.
The next chapter in the narrative of American advancement begins with us this Saturday. RSVP today: