06/20/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Lifetime Television's Website Presents My Lifetime Commitment: Breast Cancer Survivors

Lifetime Television has published on its website a series of mini-documentaries on breast cancer survivors. Essentially, these "webisodes" are five-minute glimpses into the experiences of a cross-section of women who have stared down breast cancer and lived to tell about it. I was honored to be asked to participate in this project by the documentary filmmaker Julie Cohen of Better Than Fiction Productions, who learned of me and my journey from cancer patient to yoga teacher through, none other than, the Huffington Post.

Normally, I think twice and usually end up declining any sort of publicity having to do with having had breast cancer as I like to believe that I am far more than just a cancer survivor, and I do not like to be identified as such. But Julie told me that my "webisode" would focus on how I came to discover yoga during my cancer treatments and how I became a yoga teacher in order to help others who were struggling with the disconnect between mind and body (something that often happens when an otherwise healthy young woman finds that her breasts and seemingly healthy, youthful body, have "betrayed" her despite her best efforts to do all the right things). I trusted Julie, and she was true to her word. I was quite pleased with the results (unflattering camera angles aside: my good side is my LEFT!!!! Sorry...vanity prevails, and I just had to say it...)

You can find the Lauren Cahn Webisode by clicking THIS LINK.

Please do, and please forward the link to anyone who you think might be inspired by my story.