02/13/2014 05:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Reasons to Take Another Selfie

Millions of selfies are posted everyday throughout the world on social media. I've never really given the selfie too much thought until I was lucky enough to interview Lindsay Bottos. Lindsay is a 21-year-old senior at Maryland Institute College of Arts who created an art project titled "Anonymous" that almost immediately went viral. She took all the anonymous hate messages regarding her appearance that she received on Tumblr, and pasted the text onto her selfies. By doing so, she sent a simple and clear message: This is me, I am proud of who I am and what I look like, and these anonymous bullies are simply cruel. Her actions took a lot of confidence and forced me to consider the art of the selfie. Selfies have become a huge trend in a very short amount of time and it is important to consider the consequences of taking part in this fad. Oftentimes girls post selfies in order to receive validation from others, however it is important that they do not rely on the Internet to provide them with their self-worth. Many girls are posting inappropriate selfies to garner attention from the opposite sex. Never compromise your morals and values. Never post a selfie for anyone's benefit other than your own. My motto of the selfie: Confidence is the most beautiful accessory a girl can carry.

5. Share Your Style

All girls have a style, whether they think they do or not. We are exposed to select magazines that have indicators of what we should be wearing. The latest trends are always flashed before our eyes but when it comes down to it, girls totally rock their unique style that no magazine can rival. I love it when girls take a trend and make it their own. How boring would it be to surf through thousands of selfies and have them all scream one style? What are you waiting for? Go ahead, show your style!

4. Tell a Story

A selfie with one of your favorite things is so comforting. The one with your Starbucks or the latest book you're reading sparks conversation and is a fun way to show others what you're up to. A selfie with our faves gives us something to remember us by. These stories may not have a beginning and an end but the selfie will totally give away the plot!

3. Show Off your Personality

We've all seen them: There's the serious selfie, the goofy selfie, the happy selfie, the excited selfie, the geeky selfi... and I could go on and on with this one. Each of our personalities are unique, making us what I like to call one of a kind. Don't be afraid to let your hair down and show your feelings in your selfie. When I'm giving a "Girl Talk" I like to discuss the subject of how we display ourselves on social media. Everything you put out in cyberspace gives the world a glance of your character and values. Be positive and let your personality shine!

2. Stamp Out Society's Standard of Beauty

This one is where I want to stand on top of the world so every girl can hear. Society has shaped women for years. My generation is shaped to believe that girls must attain outer visual perfection. With the bombardment of social media, this shaping takes place 24/7 with instant visual reminders of what our society sees as the "perfect" girl. She must have the flawless skin, be a size 0 with gorgeous hair and perfect proportions. Personally, I think beauty comes from far beyond our outer appearance. My definition of beauty encompasses all aspects of our daily lives. I am saddened that so many girls put extensive pressures and stress on themselves to achieve this avatar of "perfection." So, forget those filters, show off your imperfections and for once take a very good look at your selfie and love who you are.

1. Bravery and Confidence

I admit, when I post a selfie, I have probably taken more than one photo in order to capture my fave. But when I do, I post it with confidence and realization that I am putting myself out there for everyone to see. With that comes the "likes," lack of "likes," comments, etc., that go along with this ritual. Honestly, I don't really think about the outcome of my post. I took the photo, I posted it and I liked it. My like is what matters most. Of course we all take pride on our selfies when our friends give us the stamp of approval with their likes and comments.

If you have ever posted a selfie online, then congratulations to you for being brave and confident! Being vulnerable is not easy but it builds character and this act of courage gives you future strength to tackle some of those tough obstacles.

By posting a selfie, you are forever sharing your uniqueness with the world, and if that's not something to celebrate, then I don't know what is! Hello, world, here's my selfie!