12/31/2013 03:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Become a Model in Three Easy Steps

Models aren't just the people who walk the runway at fashion shows. Even though the world today is filled with distractions and naysayers, everyone has the ability to be a role model and make a real difference in the life of a classmate or friend. You don't need to subscribe to the media or someone else's expectations of who you should be in order to be happy and confident. Let's go over a few ways to use your Girl Power to positively influence others.

Share respectfully: your words count.

So many girls don't fully understand the impact their words can have on another individual. And quite often, starting rumors, back-talking, and gossiping become a habit -- just something else to talk about.

It's easy to jump to conclusions about other people, but plenty of girls don't realize the flip-side: it's just as easy to compliment them. In addition to making other girls feel better, being respectful will empower you as well. Because words can have a tremendous effect, spreading positive messages is incredibly important. Even beyond making or breaking another person's day, the influence of certain words can linger on for months or even years.

Being yourself is always in style.

Tween and teen girls of today's millennial generation spend several hours online every day. Social media never sleeps, and let's face it, girls can be ruthless. I never fretted about being in the popular crowd, or the girl who had the hottest boyfriend, but I did care about being a possible target of those "mean girls." I avoided mentioning the fact that I was an actress and model during my early school years, because I wanted to avoid the stigma of others assuming I thought I was "all that." Although the girls that tend to gossip, create drama, and back-stab their own so-called BFFs could be labeled as girls with power, it's really the exact opposite. I've got the real definition of "Girl Power" to share with you today.

Girl Power means having the confidence to walk down the halls feeling positive about yourself and the choices you've made that day -- even if they don't conform to those of the popular group.
Mean girls are selfish and choose not to acknowledge their peers' self-worth. When you have true Girl Power, you see the good in others and understand that making someone else's day a little brighter can be incredibly rewarding.


Show your Girl Power in groups!

Create a club at your school and organize events that foster inclusivity. It's helpful to look to other groups that have made kindness contagious in their communities for inspiration. One group in particular, West High Bros, has taken to Twitter to compliment fellow students. If you enjoy drawing, create artwork with your friends that features uplifting messages -- this is where groups like #TakeNoBullies can be extremely useful. #TakeNoBullies created stickers and buttons with slogans that relate to specific social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Twitter, with sayings like "Think twice. Snap nice." and "Say #latergram to Bullying." It's imperative to set a precedent of respect with online behavior, especially because our offline lives are so interwoven with our digital lives.

Being positive and teaming up to help each other = winning! I always tell girls to think of all the amazing things each of us has to offer, and how much we can actually learn from each other. Remember, when you tear someone else down, you too have fallen.
Try it! Be nice, be inclusive, and put those "mean girls" out of service.