08/28/2014 03:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dear Freshman Girls

Dear Freshman Girls:

I am writing you today because I know how scary it can be to begin high school. After all, most of us spent years in the same classes with the same friends and by the time eighth grade came around we had finally made that achievement of being the oldest and coolest top of the class peeps. Then summer came along and we were still basking in the glow of being middle school graduates chanting "High we come" as we hang by the pool, enjoy Sonic's amazing happy hour slushies and gossip about what high school will be like.

Then comes Day 1......HOLD EVERYTHING! My first day of high school was nerve-racking and that's putting it lightly. I had visions of being shoved into lockers by seniors who decided that picking on freshman girls would be fun and of course there were the visions of me falling down the stairs for everyone to see or doing something equally as awkward because, well, that's just me.

I didn't get shoved and I didn't fall or do anything weird, but I did experience a whole new world and realized that every other student was on a mission just like I was. There were more students than I had ever imagined. I had never walked down halls that wide and that full of masses of people and to think that somehow I would make friends seemed like a HUGE impossible task.

Then came the thoughts of believing that everyone is looking at me. There's something about that first day of school that gives me this vibe. I don't know about you, but this makes me even more aware of my actions and now I feel as though I am twitching and every ounce of me wants to run to the restroom in order to make sure my shirt is not inside out. I'm not joking about this statement -- it was REALLY early when I woke up and after sleeping in during the summer I wasn't as awake as I probably should have been. Lesson learned.

I made it to my classes with only one incident of being lost. I asked a cute guy that looked like a senior how to get to my class and he was so nice and helpful. He told me to take the stairs to the third floor. Well, long story short there is no third floor. After I figure this out and was totally mortified I was late to class. Being late to class for me was equivalent to singing in front of thirty thousand people and I don't sing! I vowed never to ask another cute boy how to get to my classes.

Then came lunch. Great timing because I was starving!! My first day of lunch was like walking into a world of the unknown. As I frantically scanned the lunchroom, in private detective mode of course, I had high hopes of spotting a familiar friend I knew in middle school. I suddenly lose my appetite, don't know where to sit and I feel the need of a YouTube instructional video that explains the lunch line process, giving me the top five tips on how to identify what this so called "food" really is.

After standing in the pizza line, yeah, I played it safe, I know what pizza looks like, I spotted a friend of mine and what felt like slow motion I power walked to the other side of the lunchroom, sat down, and breathed a sigh of relief. My friend and I had exactly two minutes to tell each other how happy we were to connect, eat my pizza and figure out the location of my next class. The bell rings and off I go! Is this really a triathlon? If so, I need more training ASAP!

Sitting in my last class for the day was exhilarating. I was on the home stretch of making it through my first freshman day without any major embarrassments and in approximately 43 minutes I get to trek through the masses once again in hopes of finding friends from my past. I am actually looking forward to playing sardine can in the halls as this time around there is no bell that will ring to tell me I'm late.

I'm out! I'm free at last!! As I clawed my way through the crazy crowd of students that can't wait to get to their after school activity, the bus, or their ride home I actually feel excited to explore new possibilities of making friends, being involved at school and I realized that the first day at anything can give us a million different emotions. First days are an amazing part of growing up and now that I have just begun my sophomore year of college, I too am feeling all the excitement once again as I start a new chapter in my life.

My "Top 10" Tips: 1. Smile
2.Make positive Choices - Don't let others shape who you are!
3. Be a good friend - No Drama aloud!
4. Get Involved at School - This allowed me to meet so many great friends.
5. Find a mentor. Ask for help! I can't stress this one enough.
6. THINK before you Speak, Type, or Text - Enough said on this one....
7. Worry less about what everyone thinks.
8. Find your "Sparkle" - Take a class and learn a hobby!
9. Respect your parents and teachers. Trust me....they know what's best!
10. Do your best in class. It does matter!