12/24/2014 11:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dream Boldly: 10 Questions to Rouse Your Inner Child-Wisdom

CataFratto via Getty Images

What dreams lay forgotten within you, unvoiced and unnoticed? We grow up, go to school, learn about the world and gather information. Then we graduate, get a job, chose a partner -- become an adult! This is what is expected of us. Growing older we make choices and take on new responsibilities. What happens to those distant dreams we had as children?

Do you wake up now feeling like something is missing? Shouldn't there be more? Didn't you have grand dreams for who you would become and what you would do in your life? What were those dreams?

What if you could have a dialogue with your child-self, to reconnect with your original dreams? What would you discover that could be brought into your life today? Your dreams connect you with a deeper sense of your inner truth. Connecting with the wisdom you had in place as a child brings alive long-forgotten possibilities.


Imagine yourself:

Sitting around a crackling campfire having a conversation with your 8-year-old self. You have with all the time in the world. Envision the freedom and shiny-eyed excitement this young child feels being with you by the fire, the Milky Way stretching endlessly overhead. There are no limits, no expectations and no concerns.

Ask your campfire companion:

1. What is the one thing you do that dazzles your heart?
2. Where in the world would you love to live?
3. What story do you want to write? Are you the main character? Who is your best friend?
4. You have $10,000,000. What do you want to do with it?
5. Send a message to your adult self. What does it say? What does he/she need to remember about you?
6. What dream do you want to come to life?
7. What would you like to invent? What problem does it solve?
8. What do you want your parents to know about you?
9. What's your biggest, wildest dream?
10. How do you most want to be loved?

Other questions may occur to you. Ask them. Savor what emerges from this conversation. Breathe it in and let it settle inside you. What dreams are you remembering? New pictures may appear; new ideas can come to mind. Carry them with you as you contemplate the coming year.


Cross the next threshold hand in hand with your beautiful, fearless young self. Let the innocence of your child-wisdom light up the path. Pay attention to the new landscape ahead of you. Notice how you feel as you take the first step.

Dream big. Claim what feels true for you. Everything is possible.

P.S.: These same questions can be the impetus for eye-opening conversations with your own children. Inspire them to dream boldly and to keep their dreams alive!

Children are natural Zen masters; their world is brand new in each and every moment. -- John Bradshaw