01/22/2015 04:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Secret Key to Navigating Change: Your Inner Compass


There are moments in life where change is thrust upon you, pushing and stretching you beyond your known world. At other times, you decide to make a change because you want something different or because the status quo feels hollow and you know there is more.

When you change course, what do you use as a guidance system? How do you make course corrections? Are you so afraid of making mistakes that you get immobilized, fearful of where to place your feet? Do you make random changes because the only thing you know for sure is that you want something different?

When you take a step, you'd like to know you are moving in the right direction, wouldn't you?


Navigating from Within

You have a system for orienting through life. It lives within you, ready to show you the way forward. Let's call it your inner compass. The inner compass will help you navigate the field of potential directions and feel more confident in your chosen course.

This inner source is revealed to you first through your body awareness. As you develop sensitivity to the language of the body, you begin to trust what it brings to light. You notice which thoughts or actions cause your body to tighten and where you feel at ease. With that awareness, you can begin to ask the questions to help interpret and refine the input from your body, determining the appropriate direction and timing of your steps.

There are opportunities inherent within any change. Change contains an intrinsic energy that exists beyond the value judgment you assign it. Creating alignment between the physical outer world and the expansive inner world allows you to harness this untapped energy, moving forward without inhibition. The energy of change becomes the fuel for creative action when your actions are grounded in guidance from your inner self. This is the place where new discoveries can surface and are ignited into form.

Alignment and Inner Peace

When you attend to your inner world, becoming quiet and developing a feeling of peace, a new kind of clarity can become the norm. Worry drops away as you listen with the discernment of your inner compass. Your actions become an expression of your inner and outer alignment.


There is a feeling that fills the body when you arrive at the feeling of truth of a particular moment in time. It's as if the pieces of the puzzle fall into place with a sweet inner sigh of knowing. Become familiar with this feeling. Savor it. Let it become the touchstone for moving through your life with greater ease.