06/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Banks Think They "Own" Congress? Wrong -- We're Taking Congress Back

If you think special-interest influence in Congress perverts our public policy, last week saw an outrage that vindicates that belief entirely.

Sen. Dick Durbin offered a bill that would allow families at risk of losing their homes -- but with an ability to pay their mortgage if their monthly rates were lower and extended over more years -- to legally get that option.

The very banks that taxpayers kept alive with billions in bailouts had the audacity to spend millions lobbying Congress to oppose this bill. They also showered politicians with campaign contributions.

The bill was defeated. Senator Durbin declared that banks "frankly own the place." Will you continue to support politicians who support this corrupt system? Or will you demand that any politician you donate to support reform?

Please join Change Congress's political "donor strike" today.

Thousands of people are telling members of Congress they won't get a dime from us unless they co-sponsor Senator Durbin's Fair Elections Now Act to overhaul congressional campaign financing. It would replace our broken system with citizen-funded elections, a hybrid of public funding and small-dollar donations.

Already, our strike has withheld over $1.25 million from politicians (based on contributions last cycle). It's also been featured by ABC, NBC, the Associated Press, Politico, Huffington Post, and others.

Now is the time to send politicians a message that we absolutely demand they change the system.

Can you help take back Congress by joining the "donor strike" today?

Then, please forward this post to your friends who may have missed last Friday's vote, or are looking for some constructive way to respond. Ask them to join the fight for reform.

Together, we can fight back. We need to fight back.

Thanks for helping to Change Congress.