11/26/2013 03:02 pm ET Updated Jan 26, 2014

A Walking Prayer: Taking the Reins of Your Life

Your thoughts and your emotions, your genetics and your soul's design for your life are like a walking prayer. All of these elements combined comprise who you are, a vortex of energy creating its own magnetic field. This magnetism draws to you the people and the circumstances that you experience in this life.

In my work as a counselor, it still surprises me when a client says that they feel stuck and lack any sense of creativity. My response is, look at your life -- your surroundings, your clothes, your possessions, where you live, the way you speak, the people around you. Everything is the result of your having called it into existence. Every moment of your life you are engaged in creativity. Your life is your creativity at work. What manifests around each of us is the result of a walking prayer of creation.

When most people think of prayer, it is attached to a need or a desire, or an unfulfilled wish. The formal ritual of prayer can result in the hope for a specific outcome, a wait for fulfillment, and the disappointment of not feeling worthy. It belies any responsibility in the act of creation itself and overlooks the fact that every moment you are generating around you a unique electromagnetic signature. This magnetism draws to you similarly charged people and events much like the arrow on a compass is pulled to true north. Your wishes are fulfilled, even when you are not pointedly asking for something.

With this in mind it becomes an urgent matter to understand what your walking prayer is and how to refine it. Through this awareness and conscious intent your walking prayer can become a focused tool for consciousness.

Your thoughts comprise the cornerstone of your walking prayer. Do you monitor your thoughts every moment? Or do you sometimes find yourself thinking random thoughts that are fearful or judgmental? In conversation do you discuss the seeming randomness of events, victimization and violence? This is a common habit, sharing the drama in the daily news, and it affects you, even if your core beliefs are of peace and prosperity and the perfect order of the Universe.

I witness this same disharmony in my own thought process. Lack of abundance is a fear many of us share, regardless of our economic status. I know that when I think a thought like, "that's too expensive," it is a creative thought, although limiting. Yet, it happens. That thought contributes to my light field and that tone, when blended with all my other experiences of abundance and fortuitousness, has an effect on the sum of what my field of influence is and thus, what I manifest in my life.

I observe people whose intention it is to remain healthy and yet, they approach food with suspicion, wondering what sort of contamination or toxicity or germs are in it. There's a fine line between being consciously aware and being hyper vigilant due to fear. The emotion of fear that prompts a thought also contributes to the light field. The challenge here is that fear is magnetic. You only have to witness how a dog reacts to a fearful stranger for an illustration of that principle.

Altering your thoughts is a crucial step toward changing the walking prayer, but genetic heritage plays its part in the soul's design and the creation of the light field. Are we simply stuck with these patterns or can genetics be affected by thought?

First, a clarification about "soul's design." This is not a strict blueprint and it isn't a destiny. The soul's design is more like a passion or curiosity. The soul's desire for wisdom is the gravitational pull that brought you to your life as a human being. The key is to embrace your life, to embrace your curriculum -- what you have come here to learn -- because when you embrace your life and your challenges, your life becomes more graceful. When you are no longer resisting the things you have come to learn, your walking prayer is immediately affected in a positive way. Your field of influence -- the electromagnetic field around your body -- becomes more rhythmic and balanced.

Your genetics are inseparable from your soul's design for your life. Your soul, through its fervent desire for this human experience, designed your body -- it was drawn to your biological mother and father for the genetic material they could provide. Once the egg had been fertilized, it was your soul's intelligence that designed your body -- its gifts and its challenges. And just as it is with the soul's design, once you embrace your body, truly embrace it as it is, this act of unconditional love affects your light field and raises your vibratory frequency. This results in the creation of a more compelling magnetic tone, a rejuvenation on the cellular level and a genetic response of heightened consciousness.

Asking yourself periodically throughout the day, "What am I praying for?" shines a very revealing light on your thought process and the influence of your soul's design. Understanding what you are praying for, and why, is the first step to articulate your life more precisely. And in so doing, your dream will change instantly.

In my book, The Message: A Guide to Being Human, an analogy is used:

Imagine, if you will, that the dream in which you live is a box canyon. You go to the edge of the box canyon and you shout into it: 'I desire!' What do you think you are going to hear echoed back? You are going to hear 'I desire!' If you go around all the time saying to yourself, "I need, I want, I wish I had," the tone of those mantra-like thoughts will reverberate back into your life like an echo. If you go around behaving as though you are in lack, lack will reverberate back into your life.

This dream you live in is a pliable medium. You can push upon it and it will yield; it is flexible. Your life is not a fixed reality. Even though you have gone through change after change after change, your task is to be willing to change again. Walk to the brink of the cliff and shout out, "Abundance!" Shout out, "Fulfillment!"

Stand on the brink and shout out, "Love!" And the dream changes.

LD Thompson, is an author, filmmaker and professor of film and video production. His first book, THE MESSAGE: A Guide To Being Human, is about how we can learn to follow our "soul's curriculum." His second book FIELDS OF PLENTY guides readers to understand how they can understand their soul's guidance and live the abundant life they desire.