10/24/2010 02:10 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

5 Ways to Keep Mad Men in Your Life

For many of us, Sunday nights without Mad Men will be difficult. (And what about Monday mornings analyses and commenting with other "madmenmaniacs"?) We'll have to wait many months to see if Megan really becomes Mrs. Draper, if the ad agency will prosper or fail, if Sally and Glen will runaway and join a cult.

I offer five suggestions to ease our pain and keep MM in our lives. Please, use your clever brains and contribute others. We can use all we can get.

Throw a Mad Men Halloween party

For starters there's still time to create a festive party with a Mad Men theme to keep the buzz going until the end of October. Some ideas: Bobbing for apples in a punchbowl of Seagram's 7. Creating scary masks of Glen and Lane and a jilted Faye. Wearing a sheet with sunglasses and a wig as the ghost of Mrs. Blankenship. Another easy costume idea for women or men: Joan, with red wig, and red dress, over three well-placed balloons, emphasizing her pregnancy.

Analyze another TV show

Boardwalk Empire is perhaps the best possibility. True, Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson is no Jon Hamm as Don/Dick, but the HBO series set in the 1920s in Atlantic City during prohibition offers the same details of real time and place. The irony may be missing and the subtle symbolism, and the violence will remind you of The Sopranos, but maybe you could discuss the evolution of Al Capone and the pitfalls of abstinence, an inversion of Mad Men.

Other possible series to analyze: Breaking Bad? The Real Housewives Series? Dora the Explorer?

OK, I give up. Nothing compares to MM.

Read. You remember? b...o...o...k

You now have an hour or two every Sunday to read. If you are too far-gone, try titles that may remind you of the series, including Little Women, Far from the Madding Crowd, and The Mad Woman of Chaillot. Seriously, Rona Jaffe's book The Best of Everything is a great read from that era about office romance, where secretaries longed to marry their bosses.

Go back to the beginning

Remember during the first Mad Men seasons when every conversation wasn't analyzed the next day and every look wasn't interpreted? You could now return to the beginning of the series and after each show, analyze it with friends, aware of course of what will be coming in the future. Could be surreal fun. Also, note the progression of hairstyles, clothing, attitudes.

Create the Mad Men game

Think up questions, and challenge other "madmenmaniacs" in a trivia game. Sample questions, both easy and difficult:

How many brunettes, how many blondes and how many redheads has Don schtupped since the series began? (Also, any four-legged creatures? Inanimate objects?)

She may look 27, but how old is Sally supposed to be in 1965?

What is Sally's friend Glen's last name?

A hard one: The Sound and The Fury and Ship of Fools are books mentioned in the series. What are two others?

An easy one: What is the name of Don's youngest child?

You get the idea. All of these kinds of facts can be googled. Play along, fill your Sundays with fun, and next year it will be 1966 in Mad Men time!