09/10/2012 12:08 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2012

Adopt a Reluctant Voter and Double Your Vote!

The carpet-bombing ads have begun, paid for by anonymous billionaires who hate Barack Obama.

I admit to a sinking feeling and lack of sleep when pondering what it would be like if Romney-Lyin'Ryan won this race. And I feel helpless considering the hundreds of millions of dollars flowing anonymously into negative, misleading ads.

What can we all do to counter the billionaires who are trying to buy this election? We can find (at least) one reluctant voter to (at least) double our vote!

If we each vote, and then commit to bringing in (at least) one other voter who would benefit from voting for Barack Obama, we can win this election.

You can do this just fine without anyone's help. But here's a blueprint for how to go about it.

8 Steps to Doubling Your Vote

-- Identify independent voters or those who favor Obama but who don't intend to vote. Make sure that by voting for Obama they would be voting their interests (part of the 99 percent: women, minorities, gays, progressive, middle class, etc.).

I know about a dozen workers in my condo who vote against their interests. I intend to talk with them. I know people who work at the Apple Store who are for Obama, but not inclined to vote. I know friends and friends of friends. Luckily, my family is voting Democratic, or I'd be on their tails first.

-- Collect specific info to show how the Democratic party would further these reluctant voters' particular interests. Google the Democratic platform and the Republican platform. Print them out. Compare them. Highlight the differences. Mention SCOTUS, Bain Capital and other negative factors of the opposition.

Some accomplishments of President Obama's first term (compiled by Rachel Maddow's blog). You can print it out and hand it out:

Passed a health-care reform breakthrough 100 years in the making; imposed the most sweeping Wall Street reforms since the Great Depression; rescued the economy from collapse; rescued the American auto industry; ended the war in Iraq, decimated al Qaeda and killed bin Laden; reformed the student loan system; ended "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"; vastly improved fuel efficiency standards; helped topple the Gaddafi regime; negotiated the New START treaty; improved food safety protections; cracked down on credit card company abuses; expanded stem-cell research; signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

-- Stay in touch. Take their political pulse. No hard sell; just a repeated emphasis on their interests.

-- Watch the debates with your prospective voter, if possible. Discuss them after.

-- If they are don't commit to voting Democratic, give them more info. Leave the door open, and meanwhile find another voter to adopt. Check back with them later.

-- If they seem to waiver, send them info refuting their fears. Especially helpful: remind them of the Supreme Court, Roe v Wade or other info geared to their interests.

-- Ask about other family or friends who might vote for Obama. Ask if they would help you. This would offer the secondary benefit of committing them.

If they won't help with others, ask if you can at least use their name for an intro to another voter.

-- Accompany them to the polls, if needed. Make sure you have correct info for voting precincts. Stay with them until they vote.

If we each bring along even one reluctant voter, and are willing to accompany them to the polls, we can beat the billionaire funders. We would be doubling our vote, at a minimum.

And we would win this election.