12/08/2012 04:57 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2013

The World Ain't Over Til It's Over

If the world were to end, how would you want to spend your last day? This was the burning question on last week's episode of Go On starring Matthew Perry and Laura Benanti.

When Mr. K realizes that the group Holiday party has been scheduled the same night as the Maya's prediction for the end of the world they decide to celebrate both. Mr. K will head up the Apocalyptic side and Fausta will handle the traditional Holiday aspect.

Lauren is worried about Wyatt because he's been nervous and weird lately. She goes to Ryan for advice because on this show he is the only real normal male for anyone to turn to. He tells her not to be too concerned, that Wyatt is probably going to propose. This is not what Lauren wanted to hear. Throughout Season 1 we've felt Lauren's discomfort in her relationship with her live in boyfriend.

Anne's upset because her cemetery neighbors built a marble monstrosity which leads to the admission that she visits her dead wife Patty's grave every single day. The inability to move on has kept her from vacations, reunions and many other healthy social situations. When Ryan hears this he decides he will take Anne with him on a trip to the wine country with Steve and his girlfriend. Not just because he is being selfish and needs company but also because he knows Anne needs a gentle push in a healing direction and that is what friends are for. In the beginning Anne isn't thrilled but by the end of the night she's grateful that she has someone in her life to care about her and fill a bit of the void Patty has left behind.

At the mall Yolanda and Sonia run into Wyatt who is buying a diamond ring. He asks the ladies for advice on proposing to Lauren. They decide that they are afraid to lose Lauren to marriage and all that comes with it so they will sabotage Wyatt's proposal. They give him awful advice but he is smart and picks up on it right away. They come clean and tell him the truth about why they are trying to ruin it for him. He reassures them that Lauren loves them and would never give them up. After that they give him wonderful, romantic advice that he takes to heart.

Later when she knows that Wyatt is surely going to propose she calls Ryan again and he reminds her of a previous episodes lesson, "If you don't know, you know. You know?" Anne overhears this advice and becomes highly annoyed. She confronts Ryan asking him who exactly he thinks he is to give that type of advice. She says that she loved Patty but in the beginning she had plenty of doubts. Ryan explains that he simply never had a doubt about Janie. However after he says that we have a flashback scene 8 years prior where Janie brings up marriage to Ryan, he says he's comfortable where they are and then Janie tells him exactly how his proposal is going to go down a year from now (with notes she made for him) and Ryan agrees without a moments hesitation. It's then he realizes Janie dragged him kicking and screaming into the happiest time of his life and he gave Lauren some very bad advice.

Wyatt does propose in the most perfect way, one that no one could have ever coached him on. Lauren says yes in a way that simply felt right and no amount of advice could have prepared her for. The moment was beautiful and romantic and one the fans of Go On will remember forever. Because of course it couldn't have gone off without some hitch.

Finally everyone is gathered for the Holiday/End-of-the-world party and the countdown has begun. As the group all stands there counting down to what could be the last moment of their lives they wonder if they have spent their time properly. That is when members of the group start blurting things out such as "I'm in love with someone in the group!"

The World Ain't Over Til It's Over was, as usual, a great blend of comedy and tragedy. I appreciate how this show takes a situation so deep - such as the death of one's spouse and celebrating your first Christmas alone -- and turns into something we can laugh along with. Because those who are mourning need to heal in a variety of different ways and I hope that maybe they'll find a home with NBC's Go On.

Laugh Out Loud Lines From Last Week's Episode

When Fausta is told her decorations need to be non denominational she tells Lauren that the baby Jesus is just a normal baby. Later she tells Mr. K "This normal baby wrote a book you should read."

When Lauren asks Ryan why Wyatt might be acting nervous and weird he replies "It's just your imagination, no one that tall and handsome is ever nervous and weird."

At the end of the show when Danny yells out "I'm in love with someone in the group!" Fausta then yells, "Me too I love Walter!" to which Ryan replies, "Which one of us do you think is Walter?"