01/28/2013 04:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why You Should See Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters !

2013-01-26-WitchHunters.jpgOn January 25, the movie Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters premiered in theaters around America. It stars Jeremy Renner who typically stars in blockbuster hits that draw crowds and big award nominations. Rarely do patrons have to wonder whether or not a Renner movie will be worthy of their $10, or higher, ticket price. This time however we wondered if Witch Hunters would be Renner's first bad movie since his breakout in Hollywood.

However I'm different than most, I'm a loyal fan to Jeremy. I'd spend money to watch him do just about anything and never regret the decision. My No. 1 bucket list item is an interview with my favorite star. I've interviewed tons of talent and while they are always special and unique I can only imagine the moment I may sit down with Renner. I've explained this in previous blog posts, sometimes you simply have your favorite, someone you just click with. However so far he has been my elusive acorn, like that squirrel in Ice Age.

When I first heard about Hansel & Gretel I was intrigued. It's a fairy tale story that has been done many times before, but this version would be a Van Helsing style thriller, a genre with which I can get on board.

I thought the movie was fun and entertaining and I enjoyed it with friends on the 3D Imax screen. We cheered both Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner on as they horrifically ripped off the faces of Famke Janssen's witch gang. I loved every moment of Jeremy's nude lake scene and trust me, that is where $10 of my $16 was devoted. There are plenty of funny one liners to toss back and forth between friends when you leave the theater as well. Sometimes the weaponry and tools used by the sister and brother team will force you to stifle a giggle (keep an eye out for the wind up defibrillator) but that was what made the movie great. Oh and the part I could most appreciate, Hansel and Gretel have a fan boy, played by Thomas Mann, named Ben who follows them around which makes them highly uncomfortable. I guess Ben had a bucket list as well.

But most of all I basked in the warm feeling that I supported Jeremy once again and I know he'll be able to afford dinner another night. Surely I jest, but as I mentioned before I am a most loyal fan and wish for nothing more than his continued success.

So in closing I ask you all to have an open mind when you start looking over the new movie releases. Keep Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters at the top of your list and treat it all in fun. Because most likely you will laugh and possibly not at appropriate places, but that is okay. At least you showed up -- and that is all I ask.

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