03/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

GOP Twitter Pioneer Culberson: An Interview In 140 Characters Or Less

The RNC announced recently that they will be using Twitter in an effort to reach new and younger voters but some Republicans have been on the service for a while - like Texas Congressman John Culberson.

I'm a liberal and frequent Twitter user and I've argued with Rep. Culberson a few times online. It was actually amazing carrying on a political back and forth with real, live elected representative. We don't agree on much politically but he's the real deal on's not an intern or a speech writer doing his Tweets.

Here's an interview I did with Culberson in July, 2008.

@Stranahan: How did you get interested in Twitter?

@JohnCulberson: Erica O'Grady showed me on May 27 - I love high tech. In Jan 1987 in Texas House I was first elec off to create a live BB legis info system

@JohnCulberson: In 1987, I used my Mac Lisa & White Knight BB to type in daily House calendar & tried to tap into Tx Legis mainframe.Got in big trouble w Ds

@Stranahan: Who is Erica Grady?

@JohnCulberson: See I met her through my friend Joseph McReynolds.

@Stranahan: Are you the nerdiest Republican ever?

@JohnCulberson:Ha! Actually dont know anyone else who thrives on this or uses it as I have - My brother Chris & father got me started in 1985

@JohnCulberson: I got a Kaypro & Chris & I drove to Clear Lake & bought our graphic artist father the 1st Mac Lisa in Houston for art layout w Pagemaker

@Stranahan: What is your favorite tech toy?

@JohnCulberson: No contest - my Blackberries - one campaign, one official - I like the Nokia 95 & it may surpass BB but I doubt it. Chris just gave me a GPS

@Stranahan: What is your greatest hope and greatest fear for social media technology like Twitter?

@JohnCulberson: Greatest hope: We the people will take back DC & shut down the waste & idiocy & shift power back to us & local & state as Jefferson dreamed

@JohnCulberson: Greatest fear: None - as Mr Jefferson said "All abuses should be tried at the bar of public opinion." Sunshine is truly thebest disinfectant

@Stranahan: Thanks for the interview.

@JohnCulberson: Good night! I enjoyed the visit - this is a first for me - my first Twitter interview! Thanks

@JohnCulberson: Buck. Fuller said: "Gutenburg made us all readers, Xerox made us all publishers." The www made us all broadcasters