05/11/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Join Me At #FakeSXSW

It's that time of year again and everybody who is anybody is joining everybody who wants to anybody next year as well as some people who used to somebody in Austin, Tejas for SXSW. It's a week long haze of music, film, interactive media, interactive trying to get laid, beer, BBQ, more beer, tattoos, panel discussions, deliberate nonchalance, non-ironic cowboy hat wearing, open bars, ironic cowboy hat wearing, business card swapping, low self esteem, high tech, high self esteem and low tech.

But you aren't there, are you? Me, neither.

So I invite you to a much open accessible event, open on Twitter right now -- #FakeSXSW. It's the third year in a row I've attended. And it's fakeAwesome!

In the world of #fakeSXSW you're invited to tweet about it just like you were actually there -- because you are, because it's fake! You can host a panel, attend parties, throw up on Willie Nelson's bodyguard -- all the things you might hope to do at the 'real' SXSW if you weren't just wandering around with your ears ringing. And best of all, you won't be accosted on 6th Street by some hippie with a southern drawl trying to sell you Kind Bud.

So, what are y'all waiting for? Grab some virtual brisket and a six pack of cyber Shiner Bock and join in the #fakeSXSW festivities, where the only hash you need to bring has a tag.Here's a few of my tweets so far...

My cab driver doesn't have GPS - he has a map of Austin tattooed on his arm! And it's interactive! #fakeSXSW

Looking for a friend at the #FakeGoogle open bar. At the door, they gave me swag AND violated my privacy! Nice! #fakeSXSW

#FakeGoogle chairmain Eric Schmidt chose an interesting venue for the party - a place called Foxxies Firehouse. Huh. #FakeSXSW

At #FakeSXSW about to host a panel on "How To Host A Panel" based on last year's "Host A Panel Next Year"

About to head out to the Mashable Masher party being held at an adult bookstore right under the I-35 #fakeSXSW

Looking forward to the panel @AplusK is giving tomorrow "How To Attract Twitter Followers". Wonder what his secret is? #fakeSXSW