07/19/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

WATCH: My Personal David vs. Goliath Fight for Affordable Health Care

I am admittedly crazy. It's just one of my preexisting conditions, probably. (Diabetes is the big one, though.) A couple of months ago, I left my safe, steady job to get out of California before it imploded, moved to New Mexico and devoted myself to teaching and filmmaking.

I am free. Broke, uninsured...but free!

I set my own agenda. I can make films about anything I want. Based on my own life experience and on stories like my friend Bob Cesca is telling, the biggest thing I do right now is to take on the huge moneyed interests that are going to fight tooth and nail against reforming health care in any meaningful way.

So I'm starting a personal project making 30 second spots about health care. I have this crazy idea that my voice can help hold back millions of dollars in lies. Not just mine, of course; if we win this, it's going to take all citizens acting like citizens and once and for all beating the insurance and drug company lobbies.

Please spread the word. Actually call congress and the White House. Talk to your friends or make your own video. If you want to help fund me on this project please visit You can donate or hire me for a video project of your own or something.

This is our fight.