06/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Who Needs School? Interview with A 17-Year-Old "UnSchooler" (VIDEO)

In a society that often considers the act of parents teaching their children at home to be something bizarre, the idea of unschooling is about as radical a parenting strategy as one can imagine. It's homeschooling without the artificial structure of formal education.

Sanda Dodd is an renowned advocate of unschooling who lives in New Mexico. Her website is a treasure trove of information and ideas about the parenting philosophy she's used to raise her three children Kirby, Marty and Holly. Sandra believes...

People learn by playing, thinking and amazing themselves. They learn while they're laughing at something surprising, and they learn while they're wondering "What the heck is this!?"

So how does it actually work in the real world? Here's an interview with Sandra's youngest, 17-year-old Holly, followed by two longer interview segments with Sandra herself.

Sandra Dodd will be one of the speakers at The Unconvention I'm hosting later this year, a conference about working without a job, education without school and unassisted childbirth.