01/27/2015 01:03 pm ET Updated Mar 29, 2015

Choose Creation Over Inertia


If the choice is to create something right now or to wait until everything is perfect first, choose creation. -- Jenna Galbut

The quote above is by Jenna Galbut -- a writer, artist/activist, and life coach. It's a perfectly expressed statement for a state of mind many of us have found ourselves experiencing. Inertia. Sometimes it's easier to wait, and we've probably all been guilty of holding off on following through with a good idea until conditions are just right. Right?

When our kids were very small, my husband and I talked about homeschooling our kids. We didn't think we could ever do it; the time commitment and financial struggle it could bring might just not make it logistically or practically feasible. Then, changes in our work lives created a crisis, and we figured out how to keep things afloat financially. We started our own business, a huge adventure and huge leap of faith. Perhaps a little crazy, too.

After we realized that our temporary setback was going to be a long-term lifestyle, we came to the conclusion that if we keep waiting for things to be "perfect" we would never make the move. Precious time we could never get back would disappear.

Then we noticed things we worried about happening a while back never happened. So we stopped worrying.

We have to make decisions all of the time. I re-read a great book recently, The Right Questions by Debbie Ford, about questions to ask ourselves when making life choices. We can ask ourselves questions, assess where we are and ultimately take the big leap. Or not. It can be hard to know when the time is right.

Most of us have had to change our careers, be flexible and willing to keep learning and keep taking the next big steps. We have to wear many hats and keep focused.

Choose creation and let go of the attachment to how it might hypothetically unfold; just let it unfold. When we are immersed in the moments of creating, and not concerned with the outcome, that is mindfulness.

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