02/08/2013 03:24 pm ET Updated Apr 10, 2013

'Girls' Season 2: Things That Don't Make Sense About The First Four Episodes

From cocaine-induced misadventures to violently messy breakups and creepy "starfish sex", Season 2 of "Girls" has been more than a little bit controversial and polarizing.

But four episodes in, a few questions about the logistics of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna's lives have come to my attention, and they're not even sex or drug-related.

Read on for my five particular struggles with the second season of "Girls."

How exactly does Hannah's lease work?
Renting in New York City is a tricky business. Not only has a guarantor been required for every apartment I've ever rented, forcing my parents to fax their pay stubs and copies of their driver's licenses immediately after my panicked request, but landlords don't often take lightly to different roommates coming and going.

Considering Hannah's parents cut off her money supply in the first episode of Season 1, I always assumed Marnie's parents were the willing guarantors of their Brooklyn abode. But now Marnie -- who said she paid Hannah's rent-- is gone and so is Elijah. So who exactly is shrugging their shoulders as non-working Hannah kicks out roommates left and right based on the kind of mood she's in?

Where is Hannah's money coming from?
In Season 2, Episode 2, Hannah proudly told Marnie she was making $40 a day working at Grumpy's coffee shop. Assuming she works five days a week for eight hours a day, Hannah's monthly income comes to $800 dollars a month. If this is before taxes, she's making roughly $600 dollars a month.

New York City rent is astronomically high, Brooklyn included. Yet Hannah is somehow able to shell out enough cash to keep a roof over head every month, even after kicking two roommates out. Plus, she's somehow able to afford vices like cocaine and revealing tank tops covered in pictures of fruit.

Unless she's a drug dealer slash prostitute on the side, it may be time for Lena Dunham to revisit this particular plot point that hasn't been discussed in more than a season.

Is it actually possible to leave in the middle of your shift and keep your job?
Booth Jonathan -- that "tiny smeedge of an artist," a.k.a. an "ewok in f***ing capri pants," depending on who you ask -- spots Marnie in her slutty uniform on the first day of her new hostess gig. He then tells her she is going to have sex with him. Other than a flirty "I'm working!," Marnie marches willingly out the door with Booth right in the middle of her shift.

Although I was distracted by the creepy and terrible sex they proceeded to have, I assumed she would be fired from aforementioned brand-new hostess gig, as she likely had four more hours of attending to rich old men ahead of her.

Not so, "Girls" viewers. In the following episode, Marnie proudly tells Charlie's new girlfriend Audrey (a.k.a. Queen Of Headbands) that she is no longer looking for work and is now a hostess. In what universe does one not get fired for ditching work completely unannounced?

How did no one realize there were three puppies in that basket?
Here's the thing about puppies. They're really cute, but they also like to bark, play with each other, and pee everywhere. So when Thomas-John leaves a lightweight straw basket sitting on the counter, Jessa naturally assumes it's a Jambox for the shower.

This is mostly because she asked Thomas-John for a Jambox for the shower, but also because that basket is sitting silently on the counter and isn't moving even a little bit.

Garbage, F***er and Hannukah are very well-behaved puppies if I do say so myself.

How does Jessa have a key to Hannah's apartment?
In a rather touching and disgusting scene in the final minutes of Episode 4, Jessa shows up in Hannah's bathroom after breaking up with Thomas-John and crawls into the bathtub with her. She snot rockets in the bathtub, which is horrifying, but seriously: How did Jessa get in there in the first place?

I would like to think that a stranger can't show up in my bathroom unannounced, but "Girls" has made me think this is a definite possibility. It made sense when Adam did it -- after all, Hannah gave him a key while they were dating -- but why would Jessa have one? They barely even hang out!

"Girls" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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