03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Holiday Parties: Fashion Tips to Steal the Show

Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City made quite the fashion statement as she stepped out onto the streets of New York City in her tutu dress with layers of lush tulle. Just like Carrie Bradshaw, there is a way to mix festivity and fashion, which does not include wearing an oversized sweater with Santa on the front. Sadly enough, New Yorkers may be the only ones that still dress for the holiday occasion. Let's face it - the holiday is the only time of year when it's okay to wear a frilly pink tutu with silver fishnets. It's that one time of year when it's fashionably acceptable to match your little girls. So why on earth are we not embracing holiday fashion? Last year I was troubled when I showed up at my older twins Holiday Dance recital to find all the parents dressed in jeans and t-shirts. Whatever happened to the days when families got dressed up for holiday events? Is it just too much work for busy moms juggling kids and a career, could it be the economy or are people just afraid their festive choices will turn into a fashion disaster? Whatever the reason, I challenge moms this year to step up and rise to the occasion. There are a few easy fashion tips that will make dressing the family for the holidays easy and affordable.

With four little fashion divas at home, getting dressed for our family's Christmas Eve party has really become a tradition, where we all bond as fellow fashionistas. The word of advice from my two sets of twins aged three and four is, "Mom - you have to dress really fancy, with a twirly skirt and lots of sparkling jewelry". There are a few fashion guidelines to follow this holiday season that will help you steal the show.

Icy Colors Will Make You Look Hot, Even When The Weather Is Not!!
Some people just can't get away from the traditional red and green for the holidays. The problem here is that red and green are very powerful colors. Let's just say these bold colors don't have a very softening effect on many women or children. We all want to look softer, especially because the holidays hit around the time when many have lost their healthy glow from summer. For an illuminating ice princess look, try colors like light pink, ice blue and silver. These colors definitely look festive when they have a bit of shimmer to them. Not all children have that natural rosy cheek look, so these light colors really compliment even the palest skin tones. Try pairing silver with pale pink. I have not met a woman or child yet that doesn't look angelic in pink. Try the Guess store for lots of fabulous shimmery holiday tops at very reasonable prices.

Tulle Is Cool For The Holidays
The dramatic material that makes up a ballerina's tutu is not just for ballet class. As a designer of dancewear, I say you can never go wrong with tulle. The way it shimmers and moves makes it a theatrical entrance for any party for mom and her little girls. Longer tutus make great party skirts for girls and are a much less expensive option than a holiday dress. Plus, every little girl is born with the princess gene that makes them crave a tutu. Pair it with a tight fitting shirt or leotard and a pair of furry boots. Trust me, your family won't stop taking pictures. As for mom, you can find sassy tulle skirts in various colors at H & M. Your daughters will be thrilled your riding on her fashion coattails. Pair it with silvery fishnets and high heels and even Herr Drosselmeyer from the Nutcracker will be inviting you in for a holiday drink.

Think Like Martha Stewart Or Bree From Desperate Housewives - Two Woman After My Own Heart
There is not much that both of these woman won't do to make a perfect presentation. Okay - so I may be one of the few moms in America that still frequents the fabric store for appliqués to put on clothing to make my daughters outfits just perfect. However, don't dismiss the idea of adding your own touches for the holiday. Try applying an iron on appliqué of a silvery snowflake or peppermint stick on a cute t-shirt for your children. Just make sure the shirt is snug fitting, so it takes on a dressier, chic look. At that same fabric store, you will probably find various colors of tulle. Grab a few yards of a festive color, like silver, gold or even white. You can sew a layer of this underneath a skirt that your child already has and boom - you have a fun holiday look! Mom can even do the same. Add light pink shimmery tulle underneath a black skirt and accessorize with rose quartz jewelry. If you can't sew, you could probably find a seamstress nearby that could sew this on for just a few dollars.

From one designer to the next (being you), don't be afraid to design your own look this holiday. Think outside the box by adding unconventional icy colors. Include your children in the fashion process. After all, aren't the holidays all about bonding as a family? Just make sure you bond with some shimmer and bling this year!!