03/10/2014 11:49 am ET Updated May 10, 2014

Kenny vs. Spenny Versus Netflix

If you are Canadian, you most likely remember a fairly low budget TV show that ran for several seasons called Kenny vs. Spenny. Two friends who challenged each other to complete some simple, yet deranged tasks. From seeing who could get further with each other's mom to seeing who could remain blind folded the longest, the two made relatively boring concepts come to life and become extremely entertaining.The loser having to face a "humiliation" at the end of the show which usually involved something disgusting, like smelling the other's breath for 60 seconds straight after eating an onion.

After the show ended its major run, there were some youtube uploads from Kenny (Kenny Hotz) and some internet buzz. But for the most part, to most people in the general public the two faded out of the spotlight. Until recently, when the two announced they were going to do a live tour across Canada and hit most major cities. Facebook and Youtube started buzzing as they uploaded videos displaying the same contrasting senses of humor, only this time with a little more gray in the hair.

A few days ago (March 7) to be exact, Kenny started a hashtag campaign on twitter "#BringBackKvS" (Bring Back Kenny vs. Spenny) targeting netflix's social media accounts. According to, there have been 1,500 tweets bouncing around twitter and the tweets themselves have reached over 750,000 timelines and reached just shy of 450,000 twitter accounts.

Netflix Canada's twitter account has yet to respond to one of the tweets. (

The hope of the campaign is to prompt netflix (or another production company I would assume -- a.k.a. anyone who could potentially finance another season) to get a new season going. Either way, the campaign has only been circulating social media for two days and already doing a lot of positive for the Kenny vs. Spenny brand.