08/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Len Berman's Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for July 28, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

* Mets fire head of player development Tony Bernazard for his bizarre behavior. They easily could have fired him for his lack of player development. And in a bizarre twist, the Mets tried to disparage the reporter who had the goods on Bernazard. Bush league!
* Michael Vick can return to the NFL if any team will have him. He can't play in regular season games until he is reinstated which the Commissioner will consider during the first 6 weeks of the season.
* The N.Y. District Attorney is reportedly demanding jail time for Plaxico Burress. He won't let Burress slide over his gun charges.
* Josh Willingham of the lowly Washington Nationals hits two grand slams against Milwaukee. Just the third National League Player to do it. And yes, the Nats won the game wise guy. (14-6)

2. For Pete's Sake

The word is that Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is seriously considering the lifting of Pete Rose's lifetime ban from baseball. Good. Murderers have served lesser sentences. Rose would then be eligible for the Hall of Fame. He's not a shoe-in. He broke baseball's rules on betting and then lied about it for years. Then again, he is the all-time hit leader and he did it "naturally." I've always felt Pete belongs in Cooperstown. Can't wait to hear his acceptance speech.

3. Phanatics

It wasn't a good weekend in Philly A man was beaten to death outside the Phillies ballpark. And inside the stadium there were instances of Cardinal players being hit with laser lights aimed by fans during the game. Philadelphia fans in the past have thrown batteries at players and famously booed Santa Claus. Isn't it the City of Brotherly Love?

4. Undressed for Success

Victoria's Secret has a deal to sell stuff with various baseball team logos. Calm down guys. It's under their Pink brand and it involves tee shirts, hoodies and sweat pants. Still, not exactly a wholesome connection for our National Pastime. Although don't expect the kind of reaction that occurred at Boston College. When Victoria's Secret made a clothing deal on campus some alumni at the Catholic school were outraged. Then again, the alums might have checked out the catalog before bitching. Nothing quite says "inappropriate" like a pair of B.C. flip flops with the message "Go Eagles."

5. Animal House

The fortunes of many players and teams have been affected by zebras. Those damn officials. Then there's a college football player named Joe Windscheffel from Pittsburgh State (Kansas.) His season was ended by a zebra, literally. He was working on a farm when a real zebra charged him, bit his arm, and wouldn't let go. As a result of the injury he won't be able to suit up this season for the Gorillas. (Honest.)

Happy Birthday: Former champion Knick, Olympic gold medal winner and U.S. Senator, Bill Bradley of Princeton. 66.
Bonus Birthday: Archie Bunker's daughter Gloria Stivic, otherwise known as Sally Struthers. 61.
And Jackie Kennedy would have been 80 today.

Today in Sports: The American League rules that the "pine tar game" should be played to conclusion. That the bat should have been thrown out, not George Brett's home run. 1983.
Bonus Event: Dentists come up with a code of ethics. For one thing, using a blow torch to reduce swollen gums is banned. Sweet. 1865.