08/29/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Len Berman's Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Wednesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for July 27, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

Brett Favre says he's staying retired. Until he changes his mind.

Michael Phelps loses to Germany's Paul Biedermann in the 200-meter freestyle. His first major loss in 4 years. Critics say the hi-tech swimsuit worn by the German was the reason.

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle, after throwing a perfect game against Tampa Bay, retired the first 17 Twins. His 45 straight outs is a Major League Record. But he wound up losing the game.

Former Mets Manager Bobby Valentine won't manage his team in Japan next season. Hmm, you don't suppose.....?

Are the Dodgers at all uneasy about capitalizing on Manny Ramirez despite his drug suspension? Nah. They've scheduled a 2nd Manny bobblehead night for September.

2. Thorny Issue

Boy did I touch a nerve yesterday. The emails were flying over my modest proposal to allow Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame. Interesting, you were equally divided.

Matthew M. writes: "I'm not saying that Rose is a saint but if you look back at some of baseball's "greats" you'll see a lot of garbage that went conveniently unnoticed. The time has come for Rose to get his due."

But from a baseball insider: "People say, 'oh he only bet on the Reds to win!' Not so! To get even with his bookmakers, many times he didn't bet on them at all. That was a clear signal to the bookmakers that he was giving them one in return for his debts being wiped out."

And Eric G. straddled the fence. He wants Pete banned from baseball but eligible for the Hall of Fame. "I would like to see a compromise. What he did -- betting on the game -- destroys the integrity of the game. But the All-Time Hit King should have his accomplishments as a player recognized in Cooperstown."

And several of you said if Rose gets in, how about Shoeless Joe? Nothing gets the juices flowing like a good scandalous Hall of Fame argument.

3. Monkey See

Isn't it great that they now have Metro-North train service to Yankee games? Sort of. If you park in Tarrytown and take the train, they hit you up for 8-bucks, if you don't live there. Hey, view it as a public service. It gets you in the price gouging mood before you get to the Stadium.

4. Collusion?

So the Pirates offered some discounted tickets for this weekend's games with Washington. For each run Pittsburgh scored against Arizona last weekend, one dollar would be deducted from a $24 ticket. So Saturday the Pirates got shutout. Ditto Sunday. Hey, TGFF. Thanks God for Friday. The Pirates put up a 10-spot, so the tickets are 14-bucks. Wish they had scored 8 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday. Then the Pirates would have had to pay you a dollar to come to the Nats games. Seems fair.

5. The Man Above

A sign last week outside a Missionary Baptist Church in Huntington, New York read "God Loves Everybody Even the Mets." I take it the good Lord was too busy last season to take in any Knick games.