09/05/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Len Berman's Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Wednesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for August 5, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

We'll never know. 270 pound Prince Fielder of Milwaukee was stopped by security trying to charge the Dodgers clubhouse after a beanball war in L.A. (Manny was the first one hit.) Dodgers won the game 17-4.

The San Diego Chargers have fined Antonio Cromartie $25-hundred for twittering about the lousy food at the Chargers training camp. (See # 2 below.)

Wouldn't you rather drive a Buick? I guess not. Buick is ending its sponsorship of all PGA golf tournaments. They once sponsored 4 tournaments the same year.

Mystery solved. Since so many of you care, the word is CBS announcer David Feherty "dealt it" in Tiger Woods fartgate.

2. Tweet Tweet

Message to NFL players, "no more tweeting." Teams are telling their players to knock it off. The NFL, of course, is the most secretive of leagues. Injuries are state secrets. Coaches clandestinely videotape the signals of other teams. But players telling their fans stuff? Heresy. Jets Center Nick Mangold twittered the other day that he had a great Sunday. Two-a-day practice and at night he watched Entourage. What? He was watching Ari abuse Lloyd instead of studying his playbook? Fine his ass!

3. R.I.P A.F.L

The Arena Football League, on a year's vacation, is apparently going on permanent hiatus. Belly up. Some hilites. Quarterback Kurt Warner went from the the Iowa Barnstormers to Super Bowl champion. Jon Bon Jovi owns the Philadelphia Soul. And best of all, the league's fan friendly policy. The fans really did come first. Players had to stay on the field after the game, mingling with the fans, signing autographs. It was in their contracts. How about adopting a version of that in other sports?

4. Launched

The Subway Series rivalry has gone to new heights. An astronaut from New Jersey carried dirt from the old Yankee Stadium on a space shuttle flight. So to top that, astronaut Mike Massimino, a Long Island native, took home plate from Shea Stadium aboard Atlantis to the Hubble Space Telescope as they successfully overhauled the aging observatory. Which cheap shot is appropriate here? Maybe next they can fix the crippled Mets? Or, too bad they didn't take some of the Mets with them?

5. Hooked on Sports

Terry Moberly of Berea Kentucky won a million dollars in a fishing contest. He never left his house. He won a "fantasy fishing" contest by guessing which fisherman would be the most successful in tournaments around the country. That's what the world has come to. Next they'll have a contest to determine which "fantasy contestants" are the most successful. Just do it!