11/14/2011 10:21 am ET Updated Jan 14, 2012

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Monday everyone, here's my Top 5 for November 14, 2011 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

  • For those who wrote off the New England Patriots, think again. The Patriots take over first place with an impressive 37-16 road thrashing last night of the Jets.
  • NBA players will meet today to discuss the owners "final offer."
  • Former Cards catcher Mike Matheny is named the new St. Louis Cardinals manager. More catchers seem to become managers and announcers than any other position.
  • Tiger Woods finished in third place at the Australian Open, two shots back. His 75 in the third round was his downfall.

2. Doing the Right Thing

I don't know how Penn State makes a comeback from last week, but they're trying. The football game Saturday was handled well. I don't agree with those who felt the game should have been canceled. It was a chance for the community to bond. Towards that end, check out this website "Proud to be a Penn Stater." They say they've already raised over $300,000 in the past few days. Well done.

3. Dodge-ball

Another night, another boxing controversy. Manny Pacquiao escaped with a narrow majority decision over Juan Manuel Marquez. Some moronic fans threw bottles and cans when the decision was announced. Marquez stormed out of the ring. His people claiming, "We wuz robbed." Of course this just diverts attention from what boxing fans really want, Pacquiao fighting Floyd Mayweather, Jr. A fight that may never happen. Then again absurd figures like $75 million per boxer have been thrown around so you never know.

4. Rings Hollow

The Sporting News polled NFL players and Giants coach Tom Coughlin was the winner. He was voted the most disliked coach. Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams said, "Coughlin is that old school, Bill Parcells, my way or the highway type. He won't bend at all. That's not the kind of coach you'd like to play for."

The last I checked Coughlin and Parcells wear Super Bowl rings, Adams doesn't.

5. #11

On 11/11/11 we were talking about famous #11s in New York sports from Mark Messier to Phil Simms. Thanks to subscriber David Malamed for recalling his late uncle Lionel. He was a guard who wore #11 when he played at City College. He starred at James Monroe High School in the Bronx and played one year in the NBA (1948-49) with the Rochester Royals and the Indianapolis Jets in its only year of existence. Heroes and favorite numbers don't have to be famous.

Happy Birthday: Former pitcher Curt Schilling. 45.
Bonus Birthday: Jimmy "Fear Strikes Out" Piersall. 82.

Today in Sports: With his 325th win Miami's Don Shula became the all-time winningest NFL coach. 1993.
Bonus Event: 25 years ago today. Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon purchased the New York Mets from Doubleday & Co. Wilpon would later buy out Doubleday. 1986.

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