04/03/2012 10:37 am ET Updated Jun 03, 2012

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for April 3, 2012 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

  • Kentucky won the NCAA basketball championship last night beating Kansas 67-59.
  • The women's championship game between Notre Dame and Baylor (39-0) is tonight in Denver.
  • As NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hears the appeals today of New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and General Manager Mickey Loomis in the Saints bounty program, the NFL Players Association has advised its members that they could be facing criminal charges in the scandal.
  • Owner Woody Johnson says the Jets will consider appearing again on HBO's Hard Knocks. That franchise just loves shouting "look at us," or is it "step right up and buy your personal seat licenses?"
  • Reggie Miller, Ralph Sampson, Jamaal Wilkes and Don Nelson are among those elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain has agrees to a $127.5 million, six-year contract, the largest deal for a right-handed pitcher in baseball history.

2. National Champs

A guy goes 1 for 10 shooting and he dominates the game. That sums up Kentucky. Anthony Davis with just six points but 16 rebounds and six blocked shots with countless others altered. Kentucky was the class of the tournament and now they're champions. So all the kids will now head to the pros and John Calipari will restock with "one and done" kids. Hey, thems the rules, and Calipari is working it to perfection. As for Lexington, Kentucky, they are not the "class" of the country. Again last night, one man was wounded by gunfire, numerous small fires were set and dozens were arrested. Just ridiculous.

As for the Top 5 NCAA contest, we have our winners. They'll be announced later this week.

3. Give 'em the Old Razzle Dazzle

Say it ain't so. The New York Daily News suggests that the Knicks held off reporting the news of Jeremy Lin's impending knee surgery until after the deadline for season ticket holders to purchase all four playoff rounds. Madison Square Garden denies it. But all teams in all sports love collecting extra postseason money. There's no way, with or without Lin, that the Knicks would last four rounds in the playoffs. But for a sports franchise, there's nothing like getting a big fat pool of money from your most loyal customers and letting it sit around collecting interest.

4. NFL Insiders

Let me take you back to the 1998 NFL draft. The "experts" were divided. Which quarterback should be the #1 pick? The Indianapolis Colts settled the issue by taking Peyton Manning. San Diego, choosing second, took home the consolation prize, Ryan Leaf. Manning is a hall of famer, Leaf is a bust, literally. Yesterday he was arrested in Montana for burglary. Two days earlier he posted bail on charges that he broke into a friend's home and stole prescription painkillers. If you don't think the NFL is the ultimate crapshoot, I rest my case.

5. Stoogesta

Word is that CBS rejected a Three Stooges spoof of a drug ad which is why it didn't run during last night's game. The Top 5 doesn't have quite the same standards as CBS, so here goes. (Sorry if you have to sit through a commercial to get to the rejected ad).

Happy Birthday: Two-time Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup goalie, Hall of Famer Bernie Parent. 67.

Bonus Birthday: Alec Baldwin. 54.

Today in Sports: The Mets won a lottery and signed pitcher Tom Seaver for a reported $50,000 bonus. 1966.

Bonus Event: Giddyap. They started the Pony Express. 1860.

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